Furniture Repair Services in Altrincham

This market town in Greater Manchester is situated south of the River Mersey and has a wealth of rich history and heritage. The area dates back to Roman times, with evidence of the Normans settling here as well as historical railway links which were established during the industrial revolution. If you are interested in contacting Alexander Christian regarding a furniture repair project, and you are based in Altrincham, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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Leather repairs

Is your leather furniture starting to look worn and old? Before you jump to any conclusions and purchase a complete furniture replacement, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. We are complete experts in our field of work and can appreciate how you may have chosen leather furniture due to its excellent durability and lifespan, however, after a while it can start to look a little tired and may require repairs. Luckily, we are complete experts in this and can provide you with an exceptional leather repair service which can bring your much-loved furniture back to life.

Furniture repairs

Before purchasing a complete replacement when your furniture begins to deteriorate or break, you should first consider a furniture repair service from a specialist company. Here at Alexander Christian, we completely appreciate how frustrating it can be when one of your beloved pieces begins to fall into disrepair, but we are here to help. Our team has a wealth of experience in the industry and are even known for repairing the impossible, so by working with us, we can offer you the best furniture repair and restoration services out there and ensure your items look not only as good as new, but perfectly functional once again.

Cabinet repairs

If your cabinets are starting to fall apart and look worse for wear, do not be disheartened, as we are a dedicated team who aim to conduct all cabinet repairs at your home. At Alexander Christian, we believe that no one understands the techniques involved in professional cabinet repairs quite like us, which is why we are here to assist you. Some homeowners may even be tempted to replace the kitchen cabinets entirely, but we can instead come up with a specialist repair solution for your cabinet, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the units yourself.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

If your recliner chair is not working properly, this can be incredibly frustrating, and you may feel the need to purchase a replacement. However, before buying a brand new chair when your electric or mechanical recliner goes wrong - which is very expensive and unnecessary - the Alexander Christian team would be happy to help. All your chair needs is some TLC and the right team to restore the damage, which is why you need to contact us. We can spot where the problem lies with a faulty electric or a manual recliner and ensure that every issue with your chair is resolved, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Upholstery repairs

When you own fabric furniture, unfortunately it may start to deteriorate after a long period of time. However, don’t feel disheartened and feel like you need to purchase complete replacements for your furniture, you should instead just contact the Alexander Christian team. By working with our upholstery repairs specialists, we can inspect your furniture and decide upon the best method to complete the repairs, not only bringing the furniture back to life, but also preserve any original character and charm that you fell in love with when you first purchased the furniture.

Soft cushion foam replacement

If your sofa is starting to look a little sad and tired, you may greatly benefit from a sofa cushion foam replacement. The first warning sign of this is when your sofa is starting to feel uncomfortable and the seats are sagging, as you may feel inclined to purchase a replacement. However, by contacting the Alexander Christian team, you will be pleased to know that our team are professionals in carrying out soft cushion foam replacements which is one of the best ways to bring sofas and chairs back to life. By the time we are finished on your sofa project, you will be left with a comfortable and bouncy sofa or chair which you can enjoy for years to come.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

There are various materials for furniture that are very popular in the modern home, including stone, glass and ceramic. However, if these pieces of furniture start to suffer from wear and tear it can be quite expensive to replace them. Before losing hope and spending a fortune on replacement pieces, be sure to contact a specialist furniture repair company - such as Alexander Christian. We are a devoted group of specialists who can tackle any size of project, exceeding your expectations completely. We are here to help and can guarantee spectacular results by removing any scratches, stains, chips or even more extensive damage from your precious items. We can also complete glass polishing services for our clients, so you know we are the company you need to contact.

Worktop counter repairs

When the worktop counters in your kitchen start to fall into disrepair this can be very frustrating. From burns, scuffs, marks and chips, as worktops are the centrepieces of your kitchen, this is the sort of damage they are going to suffer with. Unfortunately, this is something the team at Alexander Christian see all the time, which is why we are here to help. We offer a reliable worktop repair service where we can repair the most severe forms of damage on your kitchen counter, as well as fixing the tiniest imperfections. We can return your worktop counters to their former condition and remove any unsightly signs of wear and tear.

Car interior repairs

If the inside of your car is starting to fall apart this can be absolutely heartbreaking and can significantly reduce the value of the vehicle if you were looking to sell it in the future. Before losing any hope, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. Our team has mastered all required techniques for completing car interior repairs and have the ability to give the inside of your car a new lease of life. We would be happy to provide our expert services and repair the interior of your car without any obvious signs of repair.

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