Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Alexander Christian based and what areas do you cover?

Our workshop is based in North Wales in a little village outside Mold Town called Sychdyn. We have worked with a variety of customers throughout the local area and beyond. If you would like to learn whether we can help you in your area, feel free to contact us and we can discuss this with you in more detail.

What services do you provide?

At Alexander Christian, we are the go-to specialists when it comes to furniture repair and restoration, so we offer a variety of services including leather repair, French polishing, upholstery repairs, soft cushion foam replacements, cabinet repairs, and more. Feel free to browse our website to see our full offerings, and if there is anything you require that we do not mention, contact us and we can see if we can help you.

How long will my repair take?

Every repair we complete is different, so the timings are unique for every project, so we can advise you accordingly when you contact us. However, most repairs normally take between 45 minutes and three hours depending on the amount of work that is needed at the size of the job in hand.

Will you need to take my furniture away?

This depends on the nature of your project, but our technicians carry an abundance of tools and parts so most furniture can be repaired on-site during the first visit. However, some jobs may require more attention to detail. In these cases, an initial visit may be needed to ascertain the damage so that specific material or parts can be ordered, and this is then followed up with a second visit to complete the full repair. Only fully restored or re-finishing items would normally be taken off site and transported to our workshop in Sychdyn.

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Yes, a brief outline of your issue and a quotation can certainly be provided over the phone. However, if you would like a more accurate quote, please use our website and complete the enquiry form.

I need to cancel my appointment, what should I do?

If an appointment has been arranged for an upcoming date, you can cancel the appointment via email, phone call or text message. If your appointment is on the same day you can contact the engineer directly, as you will have been given the direct contact details of the engineer when you initially booked your appointment with us.

Do you offer service/maintenance plans for furniture?

Yes, we can certainly provide you with ongoing service and maintenance plans. For example, many of our customers arrange us to visit every 12 months to clean their furniture or repair any wear and tear which has occurred.

Any servicing work we provide is normally carried out on electric or manual reclining actions, where we make sure all of the fittings are securely fastened and left cleaned and conditioned. This ongoing maintenance is essential to look after the actions correctly, keeping them looking good and working efficiently for years to come.

Leather Sofa repair

Can leather sofas be repaired?

Yes, leather sofas can be repaired, including rips, scuffs and scratches as well as colour loss can consistently be restored. We can also repair seat interiors and complete split stitching refurbishment services.

How much does it cost to repair a leather sofa?

The price of a leather sofa repair completely depends on the damage of the furniture itself. Small remedial repairs start out at £45 and go upwards to £95 to repair areas of colour loss and any scratches. With extensive repairs, such as vast areas of colour loss in multiple locations the pricing structure can go up to £150. However, the majority of repairs stay within the £45 and £95 bracket.

Can you repair a peeling leather sofa?

Yes, peeling can be repaired by our furniture repair team. This tends to be the pigment coat that is peeling away from the actual leather. In the majority of cases, this tends to be a consistent build-up of body oils which has a profound effect on the finish of the sofa - causing the peeling to occur.

Can you repair a tear in a leather couch?

Yes, in areas where the traffic is lesser and not in highly stressed areas - such as seat pads and back cushions - tears can be repaired. Depending on the severity of the tear, this determines how well the result of the restoration is. Tears in a high stressed area can also be repaired but this takes longer and depending on the severity of the tear and the condition of the leather.

Can my leather sofa be restored to its original condition?

Yes, your leather sofa can be restored to its original condition, or close to its original condition, depending on how well it's been maintained over the years. Cosmetic repairs and having your furniture professionally cleaned and conditioned every 12 months will certainly aid the leather to maintain its condition, prolonging the overall life of your furniture.

Here at Alexander Christian, we carry out reconditioning of the leather and specialise in leather repairs and reconditioning. With some of our customers we work with them to professionally clean and restore their furniture every 12 months to 18 months to maintain and prolong the life of the leather.

Can the foam of my sofa be replaced?

Yes, foam can be replaced by our specialist furniture repair team - no matter whether they’re fitted or loose cushions. This foam replacement can provide the furniture with a newness feel once repaired and give your sofa a new lease of life.

When working with our team, the foam for your cushions can be replaced to create the finish you desire. Depending on your desired seating preference, the cushions can be replaced with softer foam, or harder foam, so you are completely satisfied.

Many fitted seats can also be rejuvenated without the need to replace the interior altogether by tensioning the webbing and boosting the original interior. This will give your precious sofa many more years of life at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire piece.

Furniture Repair

How much does a professional sofa repair cost?

The cost of a sofa repair service starts from £45, but the final cost depends entirely on what is actually broken and needs to be repaired. For example, frame breaks generally cost between £75 to repair, £115 for broken rails and if you have a broken spring in your sofa, you are looking between £55 and £65.

Do you repair damaged upholstery?

Yes, our technicians specialise in smart repairs on upholstery. So, no matter whether it be the stitching that’s come undone or fraying, we have a solution and a budget to suit all.

Is it worth repairing a sofa?

Absolutely! It’s well worth repairing your sofa as this can be a fraction of the cost of buying a new sofa - even if the seating has collapsed or you have a major frame break.

Not only is a sofa repair service good for the environment but generally, with all furniture, it can be brought back to life and save you hundreds of pounds replacing the item. Sometimes it’s not all about the cost and sometimes it's about the item having sentimental value, which restores this to its former glory to provide the owners with many more years of use.

French Polishing

Is french polishing expensive?

French polishing is a timed served art, but the service doesn’t have to be expensive depending on the damage to your furniture.

Removing ring marks ranges from £55-£85 and cosmetic repairs to the damaged areas can also be done within this budget. Full strip down and re-finishing could be a fraction of the cost of replacement and buying new so depending on your needs we have a solution which is available at a suitable budget for you.

How long will french polishing take?

Most smart repairs can be carried out on site when our engineers visit and can complete the repair in your home. Depending on the type of repairs being carried out this can range from anything from 40 minutes to 3 hours depending on what is needed.

However, if you require a refinishing service, these furniture pieces are normally taken to the workshop. For this level of service, the turnaround is generally two weeks to allow for the complete stripping and finishing of your pieces.

Leather & Upholstery cleaning

Can my leather couch be professionally cleaned?

Yes, we can complete a leather cleaning service for your sofa. At Alexander Christian, we understand that the cleaning process is all about technique and the product you use. When you contact us, our leather technicians will carry out a leather diagnostic before commencing with the work, to ensure you get the best benefit from the service and cleanest outcome for your leather couch.

How do I clean a leather sofa?

When it comes to cleaning your leather sofa, what you read on the internet is not necessarily the best way to achieve the results you want. Leather sofas gently need cleaning at least twice a year with the appropriate product, such as a care kit.

A care kit will usually consist of a leather cleaner and conditioner, along with a bottled formula. After removing any dust and crumbs from the surface of the leather, apply the bottled solution to a sponge and then gently massage the leather. This should then be followed by a damp cloth which will absorb the soiling lifted by using the solution. This should be repeated all over the item doing one panel at a time carefully rinsing out the damp cloth between panels. Once the item has been allowed to dry for a couple of hours, carefully apply the leather protection cream that usually comes with the kit to protect the surface of your sofa.

In many cases professionally cleaning the furniture prolongs the life of the leather as it is a more intense clean and conditioning process. We recommend using the care kit to keep up with the everyday wear and tear of your furniture but would recommend professional cleaning to the leather sofa every 12 to 18 months. There are many different types of leather that require different types of cleaning, so we advise you to speak to professionals and we can advise you on the best way for you to restore your leather furniture.

How much do sofa cleaning services cost?

Professional leather cleaning and conditioning services are generally £150 to £250, depending on the work that is needed and the type of product you have. This price is for a typical three-piece suit where we provide a deep cleansing service, followed by reconditioning of the leather.

Upholstery cleaning costs may vary, depending on the fabric, and starts around £175 upwards for a typical three-piece suit. We can complete a wide range of cleaning services for upholstery furniture, from spot stain removal to full cleans and can accommodate any budget.

Is upholstery cleaning worth it?

Upholstery cleaning services are well worth the investment. The process can help preserve the fibres within the fabric from wearing prematurely. Not having your upholstery professionally cleaned is the equivalent of wearing your clothing for many years and not cleaning them, and eventually the fabric will fray and wear away. Professional upholstery cleaning can lift the grit and grime out of the fabric preserving the life of the furniture for many years to come.

Upholstery repair

Can you repair damaged upholstery?

Yes, repairs to upholstery can be carried out using various techniques. At Alexander Christian, our technicians specialise in smart repairs which can help you save hundreds of pounds as you won’t need to pay for a complete reupholstering. Things such as stitching splitting open or tears along the seams can often be repaired.

Is it better to reupholster or buy new?

This depends on the quality of furniture that you're reupholstering, but also the sentimental value of those pieces to yourself. With a reupholstering service, this is generally better to invest in rather buying new furniture as it is not mass produce. Plus, the love and pride in the workmanship often shows through in the quality of the product after the work has been completed.

How much does it cost to repair a chair?

Repairs for chairs start from £55 upwards, which is a fraction of the cost of reupholstery, and can give you many more years of life to your furniture.

Soft cushion foam replacement

What is the best foam for sofa cushions?

This often depends on your individual preferences on the softness of the cushions, as well as the filling, as there are many different types to choose from. When a soft cushion foam replacement is carried out, the material used is generally more superior to the original. This is because many manufacturers use this as a cost-cutting exercise by putting cheaper, less resilient foam into the furniture. At Alexander Christian, we only use high-end luxury density foam products when carrying out replacements.

If you are interested in buying new sofa cushion foam, we provide a full template and installation service for fitted and loose cushions, so contact us to find out more.

How much does it cost to get cushions restuffed?

The cost of soft cushion interior replacement depends on whether they are fibre filled, feather or foam.

Generally, seat interiors start from £55 for the foam cushion and fibre filled back cushions the price starts at £45. On scatter cushions this varies from £10 upwards depending on the size and the feeling you require.

Antique restoration

Does refinishing antiques reduce value?

This depends on the professional carrying out the work. Most antiques need to be revived and brought back to the former glory using time save techniques. This is carefully undertaken to maintain the value of the antique, which is why the cost of the restoration service can depend on the work that is needed to carry out.

How much does it cost to restore antique furniture?

Every individual piece has its own unique price as there are so many variants to take into consideration when it comes to restoring antique furniture. By contacting our team, we can provide you with a more detailed quotation.

Are antiques worth more restored?

Absolutely, it is well worth restoring those cherished items that mean the most to you which often have fond memories attached to them.

Is it okay to refinish antiques?

Yes, antiques can often be carefully refurbished with the right techniques whilst keeping with the tradition of their original finish. At Alexander Christian, we are specialists in carefully stripping back the antique and removing years of buildup of soiling to preserve your antique. As a company, we take pride in keeping with the tradition of the original finish of the antique piece, replicating the finishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Can you restore antique leather?

Yes, antique leather can be restored. When it comes to materials like this, it is important to have it treated and conditioned every 12 to 18 months to preserve and safeguard it from perishing.

Bed Repairs

Can you fix a broken bed frame?

Yes, bed frames can be fixed by our specialist team. Here at Alexander Christian, we have carried out many repairs on various different constructions of bed frames. We are confident that we can fix bed frame problems of all kinds.

Can you fix bed slats?

Yes, slatted bed bases can be repaired, we can make your bed’s slats more secure or even replace them with new ones. Individual slats can be quite prone to damage, so we would be happy to work with you to restore your bed back to its original condition.

Wooden Floor Repairs

How much does it cost to repair a wooden floor?

Cosmetic repairs to wooden floors generally start from £55 upwards. Before giving a rough estimate of the cost, we generally ask for photographs of the damage first. Depending on what is required, we can then provide you with a quotation and outline exactly what work needs doing.

Can water damaged hardwood floors be repaired?

Yes, water damage can be repaired but this often depends on how much damage there is and the type of flooring that has been damaged. Hardwood floors with significant flood damage are often beyond repair, but normal spillages which create watermarks can be repaired by our team, as well as black dark marks which result from a leaky item left on the floor.

Can scratched wood floors be repaired?

Yes, scratches to wooden floors can be repaired sometimes invisibly and other times you barely notice a repair has been undertaken. Our team are complete specialists in repairing scratched wood floors and often we use cosmetic repair techniques which prevent the floor from needing to be restored without refinishing.

Can you repair damaged laminate flooring?

Absolutely, depending on the damage we can carry out repairs to laminate floors. No matter whether the damage is chips or scratches with an item being accidentally dropped or scraped, we can repair the damaged area and restore the surface back to its original condition.

Can you fix a chip in laminate flooring?

Yes, we can fix chips in laminate floors even if the piece has been completely broken away. We are knowledgeable in many different techniques to re-apply the finish back to the area using various cosmetic methods in restoring the floor.

Stone & Ceramic table repair

Can broken ceramic be repaired?

Absolutely, we have carried out many repairs on ceramic tables. We can remove unsightly signs of wear and tear and polish the surface back to its original clarity. If you have any missing pieces from the ceramic table, these can often aid the repair service.

What is the best way to repair broken ceramic?

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in repairing ceramic tables, so we completely understand how difficult it can be to restore them back to their original condition. They are not the easiest to repair and require many different techniques and products, so we would always recommend contacting a team of professionals. While it’s tempting to fix your table’s issues all by yourself, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Can marble be repaired?

Yes, marble can be restored but many of the tables being supplied today have high glass finishes on them, so they're not a true polished marble. Our furniture repair specialists can repair either a polished marble tabletop or one that's been coated.

How much does marble restoration cost?

Typically the restoring of a marble tabletop ranges from £110 upwards depending on the damage. Chips on the edges gently can be repaired within this price structure, whereas more substantial damage - such as etching marks - the cost can escalate up to £450 for re-polishing the tabletop. We pride ourselves on delivering smart repairs, trying to eliminate the cost of re-polishing the entire table top which can significantly reduce the cost of a repair.

For a more detailed quotation and a breakdown of what work needs to be done, please feel free to contact a member of our team who can help you. We would always recommend an inspection first and foremost but can provide rough quotations on photographs provided through a contact form.

Can granite countertops be repaired?

Chips can generally be repaired on the product where scratches can be much harder to remove. The colour often can be a contributing factor to this as many granite work surfaces - especially the darker colours - which are often enhanced with a colour dye in production. We pride ourselves on smart repairs especially with a natural stone and we can restore any damage by blending them into the surrounding top.

Worktop Counter repairs

Can laminate worktops be repaired?

Yes, laminate work surfaces can be repaired using various different techniques depending on the product. From edging strips being broken, to chips on the edges, these work surfaces can often be repaired and restored to their original condition.

Can you repair a crack in a laminate countertop?

This often depends on where the crack is situated and whether the chipboard construction of the worktop has blown due to water contamination. General cracks and scratches can be repaired without the need to replace the worktop, so we would be happy to assist.

Can kitchen worktops be recovered?

Yes, kitchen work surfaces can be recovered but this is not something that we would recommend as often this can cost more than replacing the laminate surface.

Can you repair damaged granite?

Absolutely, we can complete repairs to all stone surfaces - including granite. If you need someone to remove stains or fix a cracked granite kitchen worktop, please give us a call.

How much does it cost to repair a granite countertop?

The cost of our granite countertop repair services range from £80 upwards for small chips along the edges which is generally the most common issue. For something more serious, we would need to take a closer look at the damage and provide you with a more bespoke solution.

Cabinet Repair

Can kitchen cabinets be repaired?

Yes, we have carried out hundreds of repairs to kitchen cabinets over the years. Whether it be broken hinges to the framework deteriorating causing the hinge plate to break away from the cabinet, or more simple chips and scratches, we would be happy to help you. The majority of repairs range between £55 to £95 - depending on the amount of damage.

How much does it cost to fix a cabinet?

Cosmetic cabinet repairs range from £55 upwards, depending on the type of furniture repair that is needed to restore your furniture back to its original condition. Here at Alexander Christian, we specialise in a variety of different cabinet repairs whether it be doors or cabinets themselves to chips, scratches and dents.

Is it cheaper to reface or replace kitchen cabinets?

Refacing is always cheaper than replacing the cabinet as you have the added cost. It is quite common now for people to complete the refacing of the kitchen cabinets, or a real overhaul of the kitchen entirely where the doors and cabinets are re-sprayed. Here at Alexander Christian, we specialise on the repair side of furniture restoration, without the need to replace the cabinet or have the added expense of an overall overhaul of the units.

Recliner repair

Can a recliner be repaired?

Yes, recliners can be repaired - no matter whether they are electric or manual. There could be a variety of reasons why they have gone wrong. This could be where the mechanism has failed completely in which we are able to provide the required parts or arrange a replacement if necessary. At Alexander Christian, we have the expertise necessary to repair and restore any form of damage, no matter how severe it may be. Our technicians even carry a vast amount of stock with them so they are able to repair the chair on site without having to order any parts.

How much does it cost to repair a recliner chair?

This often depends on what is actually broken. Replacing manual cables range from £55-£65 including the parts, whereas on the electric recliners this often depends on the actual problem. Replacement motors start at £120, plus fitting the handsets on the side of the arms costs £45 plus fitting.

Glass Repair

What is glass polishing?

Glass polishing involves polishing the surface of the glass, removing any scratches or scrub marks which have distorted the glass.

Can you polish scratches out of glass?

Yes absolutely, scratches can be polished out of glass but this should only be carried out by a specialist. We recommend a call out from our professional team to ascertain the damage first and foremost. Sending photos over via our contact form can certainly help in ascertaining whether the damage can be repaired and we can provide you with an accurate quotation.

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