Furniture Repair Services in Bromborough

Bromborough is one of the most popular towns in the Merseyside area, offering visitors extensive entertainment and shopping facilities. It also benefits from excellent transport links, both road and rail, so Bromborough really is a wonderful place to live, and even visit. If you are lucky enough to be living in Bromborough, you be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Alexander Christian team offer a variety of services to customers in this area, so be sure to get in touch to learn how we can help you.



Collins & Hayes Candle wax removal on arm of armchair, before Collins & Hayes Candle wax removal on arm of armchair, after
Aston Martin, scratch repair to leather driver seat, before Aston Martin, scratch repair to leather driver seat, after
Can Sun-Bleached Wood Be Restored Can Sun-Bleached Wood Be Restored

Leather furniture

If you believe your leather furniture is beyond repair, do not fear, as the Alexander Christian team can provide you with an exceptional repair service. You will be pleased to know that our team of specialists consider themselves complete experts in the world of leather and can truly restore any worn or broken furniture. Buying a brand new piece of furniture can be very expensive, which is why we utilise our high levels of craftsmanship when working with our clients to ensure that they do not need to spend money unnecessarily, so your damaged leather furniture looks as good as new and can continue to be enjoyed by your household.

Furniture repairs

If the furniture in your home is starting to look a little worn out and tired, you may require a professional repair service which can bring each piece back to its original state, so it can be enjoyed by your household once again. If this is the case, contact the Alexander Christian team, as we can meticulously inspect your furniture to decipher what needs repairing, restoring any form of damage. Our experts are known for repairing the impossible, performing miracles in the world of furniture restoration, so you know we have the expertise necessary to perform furniture repairs to the highest standards possible.

Cabinet repairs

When your cabinets begin to look worse for wear, you may be considering replacing them, but this can be incredibly expensive. Before even making this a consideration, you should contact a team of professionals such as Alexander Christian. With the help of our specialists, we can help bring new life to your highly valued cabinets and bring them back to their original state so you and your loved ones can enjoy them for years to come. Our professionals have mastered all of the techniques in repairing cabinets and other furniture, so they have the ability to come up with the best repair solution so the final result is nothing short of what you envisioned.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

When your mechanical or electrical recliner chair is starting to look a little worse for wear, here at Alexander Christian, we offer a professional repair service which not only ensures that your chair works efficiently once again, but also looks great. Even if the damage seems really severe, you will be surprised at how good our team is. We can repair the seemingly impossible and pinpoint the exact issue and repair your chair in a swift and efficient manner, without you needing to break the bank with a replacement chair. We are complete experts in the world of mechanical and electrical systems, so you know we are the team you need to contact.

French polishing

When you have owned wooden furniture for a long period of time, it may start to appear more tired and worn, which is not what you want from your high quality wooden pieces. If this is the case for you, the Alexander Christian team is who you need to contact. We are specialists in a professional technique called French polishing, which is used to give furniture pieces that extra gloss and give each piece a new lease of life. Despite this technique being quite difficult to master, the professionals at Alexander Christian are complete experts in this professional service and will leave your wooden furniture with a smooth and shiny appearance.

Upholstery repairs

If you have a love for fabric furniture in your home, you will understand how after a long period of time it can start to look worn and tired. When your furniture is in dire need of some TLC and repairs, you should contact the Alexander Christian team. We use specialist methods, materials, and equipment to guarantee a great repair job without ruining your much loved furniture, ensuring we always maintain the characteristics and charm of the pieces, but still guaranteeing they look great. From rips, tears, stains and burns, we can repair it all, so you know we are the company you need to go to.

Soft cushion foam replacement

No one should have sagging seats and damaged cushion covers, but this is unfortunately something that can occur when you own a sofa for a long period of time. If your sofa or chair is feeling a bit flat and needs its life back, you may consider buying a whole new sofa set, but this can be such an expensive investment. By contacting the Alexander Christian team, we have the high levels of expertise required to work with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions and restore your sofa back to its original state. We guarantee spectacular results for every customer.

Upholstery cleaning

When your furniture starts to look a little dirty and unloved, why not consider a professional upholstery cleaning service? If you have purchased your upholstered furniture from a mainstream retailer, this is actually something they recommend a specialist cleaning service every 18 to 24 months to help maintain the high quality of your furniture. Before you consider conducting a cleaning service yourself, it is important to remember that upholstery cleaning services are always best left to professionals. Here at Alexander Christian, we can use industry-renowned methods, materials, and equipment, as we are complete experts in this service, so you know we have the ability to bring your fabric furniture back to life.

Antique restoration

Even the most careful furniture owner cannot prevent general wear and tear from occurring, and this includes your precious antique pieces too. Here at Alexander Christian, we completely understand how family heirlooms and antiques are often passed down from generation to generation, but this means they can suffer from damage throughout the years. Before losing hope, as replacement is never an option in this instance, our team can provide you with a professional antique restoration service. We will not only bring your furniture back to life in an efficient and professional manner, but we will always provide a more personal touch with every project.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

No matter what furniture restoration service you require, the Alexander Christian team can help you, including with any stone, glass or ceramic surface repairs. If your previously polished stone surface is starting to look a little run down, potentially even with extensive damage, the Alexander Christian team can help. With the assistance of our team, this damage isn’t something that you need to worry about forever, as we can restore the surfaces and provide spectacular results for our clients. By collaborating with us, we can provide you with the best ceramic and stone table repair and restoration services available.

Worktop counter repairs

Worktops are used incredibly frequently in the home, especially in the kitchen, which means they are often faced with a lot of wear and tear. If you have started to notice chips, scratches, stains and sometimes even structural damage on your worktops, before the damage becomes too serious, you should contact a specialist repair company - such as Alexander Christian. From placing hot pans on the sides, to using harmful cleaning products, all of this damage adds up over time. By the time we have finished our work, your kitchen worktops will look just as wonderful as they did when they were first installed, if not even better!

Car interior repairs

From various trips with young children, accidental cigarette burns and just general wear and tear, cars are unfortunately susceptible to damage. If this is the case for your vehicle, be sure to contact Alexander Christian, as our team can restore your scuffed, burnt, or damaged vehicle interior using our specialised techniques. We can use the latest technology in smart repair and restore the interior of your car so that it looks as good as new. Within a few hours, your car will be restored to its original condition, which can you enjoy for years to come.

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