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Furniture Repair Services in Chesire West

The Cheshire West area has so much to offer, with a wealth of history and heritage throughout the entire area. With so much rich culture, we find a wide range of furniture tastes and types throughout the villages and towns in this area, including gorgeous antiques which are in need of a restoration service to bring them back to life. Some of our favourite furniture repair projects have been from the Cheshire West area, so we would certainly love to work with you.

Leather repairs

Leather furniture is guaranteed to enhance the interior of your home, and can certainly make the whole space look so much more luxurious. Leather, as a material, is also very durable and long lasting, so it is often an almost guaranteed inclusion in the modern home. However, if you have owned your leather furniture for a long period of time, it may be starting to look a little bit shabby rather than chic. Here at Alexander Christian, we proudly offer high quality, and reliable leather repair and restoration services for your favourite furniture pieces. No matter what the issues are with your leather furniture, we would be more than happy to help you. 

Furniture repairs 

If you own some furniture pieces which are starting to look a bit shabby, or may be completely unusable, you may be considering purchasing a replacement, but buying brand-new pieces can be surprisingly expensive. At Alexander Christian, we offer the very best furniture repair services which is a far more cost-effective option than purchasing complete replacements. Our team has the incredible ability to bring out your furniture’s hidden beauty, whilst bringing it back to its original condition and showcasing its charm and character. Whatever the problem may be,  even if the damage is due to years of misuse, we’re here for you. 

Cabinet repairs

Cabinets are a hugely important part of the modern home, so it can be so frustrating when they require repairs. If your cabinets are starting to look a little worse for wear, the Alexander Christian team would be more than happy to help you. We are a very professional team of experts who have a wealth of experience repairing all types of furniture, including cabinets. We can easily restore your cabinets to their former glory, utilising the latest tools and methods to restore them to a pristine condition, so your family can enjoy them for generations more to come.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

Owning a mechanical or electrical recliner feels like such a luxury, as they can truly transform your home and provide you with the perfect place of relaxation. If you are in the unfortunate situation where something has gone wrong with your favourite recliner chair, you will be pleased to know that the Alexander Christian team are complete experts in providing mechanical and electrical recliner repairs. Each member of staff has a wealth of experience in completing repairs, for a variety of furniture, so they can easily locate the issue and repair and restore any form of damage, no matter how severe it may be.

French polishing

French polishing is a tricky art to master, requiring a lot of practice and experience to perfect. It involves building up hundreds of thin layers of French polish on wooden furniture which is more time-consuming than other polishing methods. At Alexander Christian, our team are well-versed in French polishing and can meticulously bring your wooden furniture back to life, with a gorgeous glossy surface and a distinct deep colour. French polishing can even prolong the life of your furniture pieces and can resist scratches, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear - so it really is a worthwhile investment. 

Upholstery repairs

At Alexander Christian, as professional craftsmen with generations of experience and passion, we are complete experts in repairing all types of furniture - including fabric furniture. From sofas, chairs, footstools to dining chairs, we can resolve scuffs, tears, discolouration, scratches, burns, and more, which is a much more cost-effective choice than replacing your sofa entirely. No matter how much damage you may believe your furniture has, we have extensive experience and expertise in completing these repairs and can resolve all of these issues at the most affordable prices. 

Soft cushion foam replacement

If your sofa or chair is falling into disrepair, with dagging seats and damaged cushion covers, you need to realise this is not something you need to suffer with. Sofas and chairs are meant to be bouncy, supportive and comfortable, and at Alexander Christian, we can quickly restore them to as good as new. It’s important to remember that getting your sofa repaired and replacing the foam is always much cheaper than buying a new sofa set, and we can help you with a professional soft cushion foam replacement. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we have a true passion for providing the highest quality furniture repairs and will ensure the final finish of your sofa or chair completely exceeds your expectations. 

Upholstery cleaning

Your sofas and chairs are the heart of your home and they are used incredibly frequently, which means that after a long period of time they can start to get worn and grubby. You may look to use some DIY methods but this can actually cause more damage than good, as materials react differently to liquids and cleaning solutions, and you will not have a great understanding of what methods are right for your specific needs. At Alexander Christian, we are complete experts in upholstery cleaning and we promise to restore your fabric furniture to its former glory, preserving even its most intricate details and features.

Antique restoration

If you have a love for antique furniture, you may be looking for a specialist team to give your treasured pieces a refresh and restore them to their original, incredible quality. Replacement is never an option in this instance, so by contacting the Alexander Christian team, we create and produce excellent work and can give our clients the best restoration results. We will utilise our extensive knowledge to lovingly restore each piece, making these precious works of art usable once again, so you can enjoy them within your home for years, and even generations, to come. 

Stone & glass ceramic repair 

Wear and tear is a normal part of owning furniture. As much as it can be disheartening, it is very common to see signs of deterioration in your stone, glass and ceramic surfaces. Accidents also do happen in the modern home, so there may be various stains, burns, dents, chips and more on your furniture, so you may be looking for a specialist repair service. From counter tops to your shower screens, our polishing, repair and restoration services can also tackle glass.

Here at Alexander Christian, we can complete repair services which will completely exceed your highest expectations. We will create indistinguishable and carefully matched finish using a professional technique that is different, but similar, to French polishing.

Worktop counter repairs

Worktops are often the centerpiece of the modern kitchen, which means they can be prone to damage and bear the brunt of wear and tear. If you decide to contact Alexander Christian, our team can provide exceptional worktop counter repairs and restore almost any damage, including countertop scratches, chips, marks and more. Our entire team are complete experts in this field of work and can provide impartial and valid advice on all furniture-related issues. No matter what damage your worktop counters are currently suffering with, we will make it our mission to ensure you are completely happy with the final result of the repairs. 

Car interior repairs

Cars are a huge part of everyone’s lives and such an expensive purchase. If the interior of your vehicle is starting to deteriorate, this is not only heartbreaking to see, but it can cause the car to decrease in value. If you are trying to find the right team who can restore your vehicle back to its former glory, the Alexander Christian team is who you need to contact. We have the incredible ability to bring your vehicle back to life, so it feels just as new as it did the first time you bought it, with the whole service being completed at a very competitive price. Depending on the nature of the damage, we can complete your vehicle interior repair within a matter of a few hours - so you know we are the team you need to contact. 

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