Furniture Repair Services in Crewe

Crewe is a wonderful railway town and civil parish situated within Cheshire. This area has a wealth of history, especially because of its history in the world of major railway engineering, as it is still a hub for train maintenance and inspection to this day. This town is now more than just the 19th Century railway hub, there is a vast population who enjoy a variety of different amenities. At Alexander Christian, throughout the years we have specialised primarily in furniture repairs for clients in this area rather than extensive restoration work or uplifting projects, so if this is something you require, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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Leather repairs

Leather is a very popular use of material for furniture, especially because of its incredibly durable properties. However, it doesn’t last forever, so your furniture may be starting to look a little shabby. Before thinking about purchasing a whole new sofa, which can be an incredibly expensive purchase which is completely unnecessary, you should contact the Alexander Christian team. We are a devoted team of professionals who have an exceptional reputation in the industry for providing the very best leather repairs. Leather needs to be cared for correctly to ensure its longevity, so we work hard to not only restore the finish, but also guarantee it’s high quality for the long term.

Furniture repairs

Is your precious furniture starting to fall into disrepair? This can be absolutely heartbreaking to see, especially if your furniture means a lot to you. Before worrying too much about purchasing replacements, why don’t you contact a professional team, such as Alexander Christian? We are experts in all aspects of furniture repairs and have the ability to truly transform your run-down pieces and bring them back to life. We completely understand that some pieces of furniture are family heirlooms which can’t be replaced, which is why we work with our clients to completely repair their furniture so it is as good as new.

Cabinet repairs

Cabinets are often at the heart of the modern home, but when something goes wrong with your furniture you may feel inclined to try and repair the damage yourself. This can not only cause more problems down the line, but it can be very time consuming, which is why you should contact a specialist repair company such as Alexander Christian. We are a dedicated team who aim to conduct all cabinet repairs at your home, and our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure that your cabinets are brought back to their original state so your household can enjoy them for years to come.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

Owning a mechanical or recliner is such a great experience, as they can really improve your overall wellbeing and make your living room that little bit more luxurious. However, when something goes wrong with the mechanics or electricals it can be very frustrating, but before becoming too disheartened, make sure you contact the Alexander Christian team. Our team can perform miracles and repair the seemingly impossible. We have the expertise necessary to repair and restore any form of damage to your chair and ensure it functions exactly how it should., so you know we are the company you need to contact.

Upholstery repairs

Fabric furniture is so popular and looks great, but after a long period of time it can start to look worn and unloved. If this is the case for you, please do not hesitate to contact the Alexander Christian team. We provide the very best upholstery repair services for our clients, resolving a variety of issues. We can resolve scuffs, tears, discolouration, scratches, burns, and more, without you needing to replace your fabric furniture, which can be very expensive. No matter how much damage you may believe your furniture has, our team can achieve the seemingly impossible, so we are always happy to help.

Soft cushion foam replacement

When your sofa falls into disrepair, purchasing a replacement can seem like a very frustrating prospect, as furniture can be very expensive and doesn’t hold the same lasting memories compared to your beloved pieces. If your sofa needs to be rejuvenated, the Alexander Christian team can provide you with a soft cushion foam replacement. Our service is a very cost effective option and is a lot cheaper than purchasing a brand new replacement sofa, with our professionals always completing the work to the highest standards which you are guaranteed to be happy with.

Stone & glass ceramic repair

Some pieces of furniture are not only easy to clean and maintain - such as stone, glass and ceramic materials. If your surfaces are beginning to suffer from wear and tear, or even more extensive damage, the Alexander Christian team are who you need to contact. As a group of specialists in all aspects of furniture repair, including stone and glass ceramic surfaces, we can revive and repair the surfaces of the pieces, removing any damage and issues that have occurred. Our team is committed to making the impossible possible, so we can tackle any size of project, exceeding your expectations completely.

Worktop counter repairs

Your kitchen worktops are often the heart of your home, so if they become damaged it can be very frustrating. Water damage, burns, scratches and cracks are all easy accidents which can occur, but before purchasing any replacement counters and losing hope, the Alexander Christian team would be happy to help you. We are a devoted team who can bring your worktop counters back to their former glory, ensuring they look as good as new. By the time our team has finished on the counter repair project, any signs of damage and wear and tear will be completely erased, allowing you to enjoy them again for years to come.

Car interior repairs

If your car’s interior is starting to show signs of extensive damage, or even just some general wear and tear, you should consider contacting the Alexander Christian team who can offer an extensive repair service. As specialists in all aspects of repairs, our specialist staff will pay great attention to the finer details of your car, restoring any imperfections and allow you to enjoy the luxury interior of your vehicle once again. From car leather recolouring, scuffs and splits around the doors and tail lifts, damage to the interior plastics, we can assist with anything, fixing even the tiniest imperfections in your precious car.

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