Furniture Repair Services in Deeside

If you are situated in Deeside, the towns and villages in Flintshire and Cheshire on the Wales–England border, the Alexander Christian team would be happy to help you. This predominantly industrial area has a wealth of history and dates back around 1000 years to Saxon times. We have worked on a number of projects from this area in the past, so we can easily provide furniture repair and restoration services for any beloved pieces that require some care and attention.

Professional Worktop Repair
Worktop Repair



Silestone, Quartz Worktop chip repair, before Silestone, Quartz Worktop chip repair, after
how much does upholstery repair cost how much does upholstery repair cost
Skovby, impact damage repair on cabinet, before Skovby, impact damage repair on cabinet, after

Leather repairs

If you think that your leather furniture has gone beyond repair, you may be inclined to purchase some new pieces to brighten up your home. However, what you may not realise is that this is not necessarily required if you work with a team such as Alexander Christian. As leather repair and restoration specialists, our staff can bring your beloved furniture back to life using specialist techniques and industry methods which will leave your furniture looking as good as new. We will revamp your leather items, preserving its original style when you bought them, which is much more cost-effective than purchasing a brand new piece of furniture.

Furniture repairs

When you own sentimental pieces of furniture, it can be heartbreaking to see them fall into disrepair, especially because it is impossible for them to be physically replaced. At Alexander Christian, we are the go-to specialists when it comes to furniture repair and restoration in Deeside and can bring your beloved items back to life. Although you may think your furniture is ruined, no matter whether there are burn marks, scratches, scuffs, or something even worse, our team can truly work miracles. We have quality craftsmanship capabilities and extensive expertise in repairing and restoring, so we are almost certain we can bring your furniture back to life.

Cabinet repairs

Kitchen cabinets are situated in often the most-used room of the modern home - the kitchen. Unfortunately, this means they are bound to experience a lot of wear and tear over time, and potentially some serious damage which may seem irreparable. These issues can range from broken hinges, scuffs, burns, and even more serious structural damage. However, no matter what the extent of the damage may be, the Alexander Christian team has the ability to work miracles and can restore your cabinets to their original state, as we have mastered all of the techniques in repairing cabinets and other furniture.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

No matter how bad you think the damage is with your favourite mechanical or electrical recliner chair, never impulsively purchase a replacement, as the Alexander Christian team can easily help you. We are complete experts in completing the most complicated repair work for our customers, so by contacting us, you will be working with a team of skilled professionals committed to serving you with the highest quality at all times. You can guarantee that we have the expertise necessary to repair and restore any form of damage and will bring your recliner chair back to life, so you can continue enjoying its presence in your home for years to come.

French polishing

When your wooden furniture loses its shine and gorgeous polish, this is a classic sign of ageing. If you are looking for a way to restore these pieces to their former glory, the Alexander Christian professionals can provide you with a French polishing service. This involves building up hundreds of thin layers of French polish, a slow and meticulous process that can only be completed by the hands of experts who have patience and excellent hand-eye coordination. Nothing can compete with the depth and richness of an authentic French polish finish, and the Alexander Christian team are the team you need to contact.

Upholstery repairs

If you have a love for fabric furniture, you will understand how after a number of years it can start to look more shabby than chic. Unfortunately, wear and tear can take its toll on the material, with rips, tears, stains and burns all damaging the material and making it look rather distasteful in the modern home. When looking to bring your sofa back to life, the Alexander Christian team will be able to help. We use specialist methods, materials, and equipment to guarantee a great repair job without ruining your much loved furniture, and still keeping the charm and character.

Soft cushion foam replacement

Unfortunately, as time goes on your sofa and chairs are going to age, which means they may not feel as comfortable as they were before. Here at Alexander Christian, we provide soft cushion foam replacements, so you don’t need to pay for an unnecessary furniture replacement. We will work with you to understand exactly what is wrong with your furniture and decide upon the best plan of action, ensuring you are completely satisfied with the final result of the soft cushion foam replacement. Our professionals can quickly restore your sofa back to its former glory, using a variety of specialist industry techniques.

Upholstery cleaning

If you own upholstered furniture, it is essential that this is taken care of properly, and most manufacturers actually recommend that you invest in professional upholstery cleaning every 18 to 24 months. Although you may think this is a waste of money, as you can just do this yourself, using DIY upholstery cleaning methods can actually cause more problems in the long run. Materials react differently to liquids and cleaning solutions, so upholstery cleaning services are always best left to professionals. At Alexander Christian, we are a reputable group of professionals who use industry-renowned methods, materials, and equipment, to bring your fabric furniture back to life.

Antique restoration

Antique furniture can completely transform the look and feel of your interior, especially if they hold a sentimental value and have been passed down through the generations, as they can be used as the centrepieces of your home to showcase your heritage and history. At Alexander Christian, we can provide you with an outstanding antique restoration service. We are utterly devoted to our craft, so we make sure to understand the value and worth of each item that we restore and always complete each project to the highest standards; without stripping the original character of the furniture or losing their heritage in the restoration process.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

Stone, ceramic and glass furniture have a lot of excellent features that make them quite easy to manage, but they are not invincible, which means damage can occur from accidents, and even just general wear and tear. At Alexander Christian, we are experts in this field of work and can complete a wide range of furniture repair services. No matter what damage has occurred on these surfaces, we are proud of our ability to repair the seemingly impossible. The Alexander Christian team can restore a variety of different surfaces, using a range of techniques to bring your surfaces back to life. We can also complete glass polishing services for our clients, using specialist industry methods, which are a similar process to French polishing. We’re confident that we can fix whatever problem you may have.

Worktop counter repairs

Worktops are often the centrepiece of your kitchen, which means they are going to experience a lot of wear and tear over time. It is important to remember that these surfaces aren’t entirely indestructible and they can get stained, scratched and chipped over time, so you shouldn’t be too careless with them. If your worktops are in need of restoration, do not hesitate to contact the Alexander Christian team, who will happily bring your surfaces back to life. We can return it to its former condition and remove any unsightly signs of wear and tear.

Car interior repairs

Cars are used so frequently that it is almost impossible to prevent wear and tear from taking its toll on its interior. Thankfully, when you turn to the right company, you can easily give your seats and the inside of your car a new lease of life and save yourself thousands of pounds of recurring issues and damage which can reduce the value of your vehicle. Our team has mastered all required techniques for completing car interior repairs, so you can trust that the job will always be completed to the highest standard. We are certain that we can do an outstanding job for all of your requirements.

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