Furniture Repair Services in Hawarden

Based in the heart of Flintshire, Hawarden is a beautiful, quaint, Welsh village on the Welsh/English border which has a wealth of history - being most well known for its castle which once inhabited the former Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone. In the village, there is both a library and monument named after the castle’s previous owner, and the area itself is actually known as one of the "ancient parishes" of Flintshire. At Alexander Christian, we are situated only 6 miles from Hawarden, so we are very familiar with the area and have lots of customers from there, so be sure to contact us if you require any furniture repair or restoration services. 

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Leather repairs

Leather is one of the most popular materials you can use within your home; being known for its luxurious feel, as well as its excellent durability. However, if your leather furniture starts to look a bit worse for wear, this can ruin the chic aesthetic of leather and ruins the comforting charm that this material has within an interior. Rather than looking to replace your furniture, you should contact the Alexander Christian team who can provide an excellent leather repair service. From the moment we start working on your project, we will take into consideration everything about your furniture - from colour matching the material, to recreating the leather grain and shine. No matter what the issues may be with your leather furniture, we will be here to help. 

Furniture repairs

Nothing is more heartbreaking than one of your favourite pieces of furniture needing repairs, aa it may seem impossible to bring it back to its original state without spending a fortune. However, the team at Alexander Christian have a wealth of expertise working on some of the most ‘impossible’ projects, and can truly work miracles. We’re confident that we can have your items looking as good as new, so if you have any furniture that you would like to be returned to its original, pristine condition, without sacrificing their original style, then we would be more than happy to assist.

Cabinet repairs

Any cabinets within your home are likely to be used very frequently, especially in your kitchen. However, this can mean they are often most prone to damage and wear and tear, from something more simple like scuff marks, to more serious structural issues that could only be resolved by a team of professionals. If you need to find a company who can restore your cabinets to their former glory, Alexander Christian can help. No matter what state you may think your cabinets are in, you can rely on our team to come up with the best repair solution so that it stays with you for many more years.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

Owning a reclining chair is such a joy, but when something goes wrong this can be devastating - especially because this type of chair can be a very costly purchase. Before you panic and order a new recliner, you should consider a professional mechanical and electrical recliner repair from Alexander Christian. No matter how severe the damage may seem, our professional team has extensive experience in carrying out repairs for recliner chairs and always strive for excellence in every project we complete. We can pinpoint the exact issue and repair your chair in a swift and efficient manner, without you needing to break the bank with a replacement chair. 

French polishing

If you own wooden furniture in your home which is starting to look a little shabby, you may be considering purchasing a replacement to refresh your interior. However, instead, you should contact Alexander Christian about our French polishing service, where we can restore your wooden furniture back to its original state with a gorgeous glossy surface and a distinct deep colour. To complete our French polishing service, we utilise both traditional and modern finishing techniques to allow us to transform any type of wooden furniture - from dining room tables, sideboards, wardrobes and more. By working with Alexander Christian, you can always rely on our expertise to bring your wooden furniture back to life. 

Upholstery repairs 

Fabric furniture is a wonderful addition to any modern home, but it can be heartbreaking when it starts to look worn and run down. Rather than worrying about purchasing a replacement, Alexander Christian offers excellent upholstery repairs where we will restore your beloved furniture, whilst preserving their most intricate details and features. No matter whether your furniture has discolouration, burns, scuffs or something even more serious, our team will decipher exactly what needs to be repaired to bring your furniture back to life, whilst guaranteeing further longevity which enables you to enjoy them for many years. 

Soft cushion foam replacement

When your sofa is feeling a bit flat and needs its bounce back, you may greatly benefit from a soft cushion foam replacement. This is a service we offer for our customers at Alexander Christian, and by contacting our team, we can help you bring your furniture back to life without you needing to purchase a brand new sofa. Our team meticulously inspect your sofa or chair to find which areas need repairs and replacements in your cushions and covers. We have the high levels of expertise required to work with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions and bring your sofa back to life, completely refreshing your entire experience of relaxation. 

Upholstery cleaning

If you live a busy life with a family, pets or just enjoying spending time in your home with lots of comfortable fabric furniture, unfortunately, wear and tear is going to occur and it is going to inevitably pick up a lot of dust and grime. By contacting a professional team such as Alexander Christian, we can provide you with an excellent upholstery cleaning service, where we will tailor our approach and only use the techniques that are right for the material in question. You will probably be surprised at how much of a big difference a professional cleaning service can make, as we guarantee spectacular results for every customer. 

Antique restoration 

Antique furniture is such a wonderful thing to own, but it can be heartbreaking when it starts to look shabby and worn out. On the other hand, you may have just purchased a wonderful antique piece and want to see how much potential it has - which is when an antique restoration service would be perfect for you. If you are looking for someone to restore your prized possession only a specialist’s skillset will do, which is when you should contact Alexander Christian. We are a dedicated team who take pride in our master craftsmanship, always providing a more personal touch with every project, restoring every furniture piece to its former glory. 

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

Stone and ceramic furniture is always a wonderful addition to any modern home, but it can ruin the luxury interior of your home if it has lots of dents, chips and various repairs required. You should always take care when using your furniture, but accidents do happen, so as soon as you see the first signs of damage you should contact our team - preventing the issues from getting any worse. The team at Alexander Christian are very experienced in restoring a variety of different furniture, including polished stone, marble and ceramic tables, as well as those with a high-gloss surface - such as glass. 

When restoring glass surfaces, we use a polishing technique which is slightly different from French polishing. This allows us to bring a variety of furniture back to life, including glass tables, conservatory glass panels, glass doors and more. No matter what the project entails, we are very knowledgeable about all aspects of stone, glass and ceramic furniture repairs and will always add a personal touch to every project we work on.

Worktop counter repairs

Your worktops are a staple part of your kitchen, but due to the nature of this room, they are almost guaranteed to experience some wear and tear overtime. From accidents with hot pans, using abrasive products when cleaning, chips, marks and general damage, worktops often bear the brunt of the modern home. At Alexander Christian, we offer a reliable worktop repair service that can bring your furniture back to its former glory, so your worktops look as good as new. We can repair the most severe forms of damage on your kitchen counter, as well as fixing the tiniest imperfections in your furniture. 

Car interior repairs

If your car interior is starting to look a little shabby, the Alexander Christian team can provide you with the highest quality interior repairs for your vehicle which can help it stand out from the rest. We pay great attention to the finer details of your car, restoring any imperfections - including the leather seats. From car leather recolouring, scuffs and splits around the doors and tail lifts, damage to the interior plastics, and more, the Alexander Christian team has the ability to repair and restore what seems impossible. We only use the latest, high quality materials available on the market to ensure that each client can receive the best end results possible - whilst treating every car restoration project with the utmost care.

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