Furniture Repair Services in Holywell

Based in the county of Flintshire, Holywell is a historic Welsh town with a rich past. Since about 660, the town has been the site of Christian pilgrimage and is famous for its St Winefride's Well, a holy well surrounded by a chapel - one of the seven wonders of Wales. Holywell is not too far from the Alexander Christian team, and we have worked on a variety of projects in this area, so feel free to get in touch if you require any furniture repair services in Holywell - we would be more than happy to assist.




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Leather repairs

Leather furniture is incredibly popular in the modern home, and is known to last for years due to its excellent durability properties. However, it doesn’t last forever, and leather furniture can start to wear down and look more shabby than chic. Although a well-loved leather sofa has an element of charm, if your furniture is starting to look worn and dated, it’s time for a refresh and a leather repair and restoration service can offer exactly that. By working with our team, your damaged leather furniture will look as good as new and the service is far more cost-effective compared to buying a brand new piece of furniture.

Furniture repairs

A professional furniture repair and restoration service is a great way to bring back some appeal to your old worn-out furniture. At Alexander Christian, it does not matter what condition your furniture is in, we can provide you with these services to not only retain the value and usability of your treasured pieces, but also make them a lot more attractive and useful when they are displayed in your home. We are complete professionals in the industry and have the expertise and wealth of experience required to restore your furniture to its original state, bringing out the furniture’s hidden beauty.

Cabinet repairs

If you think that your kitchen cabinets are beyond repair, make sure you contact the Alexander Christian team. You should never impulsively replace your furniture, as we have the knowledge and experience required to restore any furniture - including cabinets - back to their former glory. We utilise a wide range of specialist industry techniques and methods to ensure your family can enjoy them for generations more to come. No one understands the techniques involved in high-quality cabinet repairs quite like us - so you know we are the professionals you need to contact.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

When your recliner chair starts to go wrong, your first thought may be to replace the chair in its entirety. This is not only really expensive, but not even necessary, as the Alexander Christian team has the ability to fix even the most extensive damage on a recliner chair. We can also provide you with seat refurbishment to preserve the aesthetic of your chair, so your favourite recliner will be looking as good as new. No matter whether the mechanism is mechanical or electrical, our team can pinpoint the exact issue and repair your chair in a swift and efficient manner.

French polishing

French polishing is a specialist technique which is used to restore wooden furniture to its original state, if not better. It is the best way to give your wooden furniture an extra glossy surface with a distinct deep colour. Here at Alexander Christian, we are complete experts in French polishing and can transform your pieces to make them look good as new, and when we have applied French polish this can make the surface a lot easier to maintain and you won’t need to worry as much about scratches, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear. We can achieve the most desirable results for each of our customers.

Upholstery repairs

If you are looking for quality repair services for upholstered furniture, the Alexander Christian team can help you. Fabric furniture is a great addition to any room in the house, but it can look worn and cheap when wear and tear gets in the way. Although it can’t be helped, a battered-looking sofa or chair doesn’t look great and can make you feel disheartened about the look and feel of your home. At Alexander Christian, we offer the very best upholstery repairs for your fabric furniture and can bring the pieces back to life. To prevent this level of damage occurring in the future, we can even guarantee further longevity that enables you to enjoy your furniture for many years to come, without any worries about serious wear and tear.

Soft cushion foam replacement

As your sofas and chairs get older, they are probably not going to feel as comfortable and plump they did before - which can be very frustrating. If the seats have begun to sag, or the cushions are slightly damaged, this doesn’t mean you need to completely replace your sofa, you should instead contact Alexander Christian who can provide your furniture with a soft cushion foam replacement. When you contact us, we will inspect your sofa or chair to locate exactly what needs to be repaired and then provide you with professional advice on what fabrics, pads, and covers you should choose, in collaboration with our team.

Upholstery cleaning

Fabric furniture is almost always going to get grubby and dirty, so it’s important that you keep it clean and maintain the fabric coverings correctly. Although you may think you can do this yourself and save money, this often isn’t the case, as you could potentially inflict further damage to your upholstery furniture which will cost you even more further down the line. By contacting Alexander Christian, we can restore your pieces, preserving even their most intricate details and features, using the correct materials and methods according to the type of fabric - no matter how bad the condition of your upholstery may be.

Antique restoration

If your much-loved antique furniture is starting to fall apart, replacement is never an option in this instance. Antique furniture has this incredible ability to transform your home, but it may not be in the best condition to be enjoyed and admired for generations to come. If this is the case for you, the Alexander Christian team can help you with an outstanding antique restoration service. Our furniture specialists will utilise their relevant knowledge and skill, as well as the best tools and restoration methods available today to meet your high standards of quality. When working on every project, we make sure to understand the value and worth of each item that we restore and can truly bring your antique pieces back to life, allowing you to make them the centrepieces of your home.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

At Alexander Christian, we completely understand and appreciate how expensive certain pieces of furniture can be. Stone, ceramic and glass surfaces are a perfect example of a huge investment for your home, which certainly pay off, as they can really enhance the entire feel of your interiors. When these surfaces start to deteriorate and suffer from wear and tear, this can be very frustrating, which is why we are here to help. As a professional team, we have become masters of our craft and complete experts in professional stone, glass and ceramic table repair and renovation. We are skilful and knowledgeable about all aspects of all the restoration surfaces and we can ensure that our services exceed your highest expectations.

Worktop counter repairs

When your counter worktops start to look dreary and dated, this can bring down the overall luxurious feeling and atmosphere of your kitchen. As soon as you notice this damage, it’s hard to ignore, and you may feel inclined to purchase replacements for the kitchen. Before you make any radical changes, why not contact the Alexander Christian team? We offer a reliable worktop repair service where we can repair the most severe forms of damage on your kitchen counter, as well as fixing the tiniest imperfections.

Car interior repairs

The Alexander Christian team are complete experts in all aspects of furniture repair and restoration, and we can even carry out car interior repairs. Unfortunately, your car is vulnerable to lots of wear-and-tear, so by working with us, we can reverse this damage and pay great attention to the finer details of your car to ensure the interior is restored back to its original state. If you are a car owner and you are interested in a complete makeover, be sure to contact our team and we can provide you with an accurate quotation. No matter what the level of damage is, we can guarantee an outstanding result.

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