Furniture Repair Services in Irlam

The village of Irlam in Greater Manchester is known to have some of the few remaining farms and natural habitats in the city, including the outlying area of Chat Moss - an area which is thought to be about 7,000 years old. Here at Alexander Christian, we have often worked on furniture repair projects for residents of Irlam, so if you require any assistance, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team.



can a broken bed frame be fixed can a broken bed frame be fixed
Stokers fine furnishings, Dining table leg frame repair, before Stokers fine furnishings, Dining table leg frame repair, after
DFS, Peeling leather cosmetic repair on armchair, before DFS, Peeling leather cosmetic repair on armchair, after

Leather repairs

Before jumping to any quick purchase decisions when your leather furniture falls into disrepair, you should instead contact a professional repair team, such as Alexander Christian. Situated near Irlam, here at Alexander Christian, we are a dedicated company who have the skills and expertise to bring your much-loved furniture back to life, even if you think your leather furniture has completely fallen apart. No matter what you require, we will gladly collaborate closely with you to decipher exactly what needs repairing and will work hard to repair the seemingly impossible.

Furniture repairs

If your furniture is starting to look worn and shabby, you will certainly benefit from furniture repair and restoration services, especially if your pieces have become unusable. Before you make any impulsive purchases for replacements, why not contact the team at Alexander Christian? Our specialists can provide you with a cost-effective solution which takes into consideration everything you require from the furniture repair. Our entire team are experts in the industry and utilise generations-old repair and restoration methods, so you know we are the people to contact.

Cabinet repairs

When your kitchen cabinets require serious repair work, it can make the entire space feel a bit tired and worn out. No matter whether an unsightly stain needs removing, a wobbly leg needs fixing, you need a chip filling and the surface restored, the Alexander Christian team can help. Cabinets are very important pieces of furniture in the modern home, so do not underestimate their significance in your home. We have mastered all of the techniques in repairing cabinets and can allow you and your household to enjoy them for many years to come, so get in touch with us today as we can put together a completely bespoke quotation which is based on what you are looking for.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

If you own a recliner chair which has started to fall into disrepair, you’re understandably going to be frustrated. Before buying a replacement, which can be very expensive, the Alexander Christian team would happily help. No matter whether it is a mechanical or electrical fault, our experts can easily locate the exact issue and restore the chair to its charming, original state. Our repairers have mastered all required techniques for these projects, so you can trust that the work will always be completed to the highest standard.

Upholstery repairs

Are your fabric furniture pieces beginning to fall apart? Before purchasing any replacement furniture, contact the Alexander Christian team, as we are experts in all aspects of upholstery repairs. We can guarantee a great repair and restoration job without ruining your much loved furniture and keeping its original charm and character. One of the other great aspects about working with us is that once we get our hands on your damaged furniture, we guarantee further longevity that enables you to enjoy them for many years to come, without any worries about them becoming significantly damaged again.

Soft cushion foam replacement

Before purchasing a complete sofa replacement when your furniture doesn’t look as great as it used to be, why not contact the Alexander Christian team? As a company, we work with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions and can restore your sofa back to its former glory. Every member of our staff has extensive experience using a variety of specialist techniques by reupholstering cushion covers, repairing damaged cushions and providing new booster pads. We are professional craftsmen with generations of experience and passion, providing the highest quality local soft cushion foam replacement to all of our clients.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

Stone, glass and ceramic are all very popular materials in the modern home. Here at Alexander Christian, we appreciate how much you may love them, but from counter tops to window panes, kitchen worktops to your dining table, these pieces of furniture are, unfortunately, not indestructible. If your surfaces have started to suffer from damage and wear and tear, by contacting a team such as Alexander Christian, we can repair the most severe forms of damage. We can also restore high-gloss surfaces, using a similar - but slightly different - technique to French polishing.

Worktop counter repairs

As I’m sure you know, the kitchen is one of the most busy rooms in the modern household, which means the worktops are going to bear the brunt of a lot of wear and tear. However, this damage isn’t something that you need to live with forever, as the Alexander Christian team would be happy to help you restore your worktop counters back to their former glory. Any damage to the worktops can take its toll on the feel and integrity of your kitchen, but by working with us, we can erase any signs of damage and restore your precious cabinets back to their former glory.

Car interior repairs

Does your car interior need restoring? If you are trying to find the best company for the job, the Alexander Christian team are the only people you need to contact. With the ability to repair and restore what seems impossible, the Alexander Christian team have mastered a variety of techniques to revitalise any vehicle and truly transform it. From restoring interior trims to mending worn-looking car seats, you can trust that the work will always be completed to the highest standard and we will repair and restore what seems impossible.

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