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How Can Leather Repair Services Benefit You?

A well-loved leather sofa has a certain charm and comforting appeal to it – but a battered-looking sofa gives off an entirely different aesthetic. If your leathered chair or sofa is starting to show its age, Alexander Christian Ltd has leather repair services you can truly rely on!

We use premium specialist materials to repair any surface damage before accurately colour-matching and recreating the leather grain and shine of your furniture.

Whether you need a leather sofa, stool, pouffe or panelling restored, our finishers will start by accurately identifying the leather type as well as the correct methods and materials to use for restoration.

We can also repair leather car seats and undertake car leather re-colouring.

No matter what the issues are with your leather furniture, Alexander Christian has a team of professional craftsmen who can help you.

With their appropriate skillsets and quality of workmanship, your damaged leather furniture will look as good as new.

Our leather repair services can help repair and cover:

  • Cracks and scuffs
  • Scratches, rips and holes
  • Burn marks
  • Pen marks and nail varnish remover marks
  • Broken stitching
  • Stains
  • Re-colouring
  • Cleaning and conditioning



Westbridge, Aniline leather wax candle spillage removal on armchair, before Westbridge, Aniline leather wax candle spillage removal on armchair, after
DFS, Peeling leather cosmetic repair on armchair, before DFS, Peeling leather cosmetic repair on armchair, after
Celebrity, Leather finish repair on worn arm of armchair, before Celebrity, Leather finish repair on worn arm of armchair, after

The Benefits Of Getting Your Leather Furniture Reupholstered

If you think that your leather sofa has gone beyond repair, don’t give up on it just yet! Alexander Christian can restore the impossible. Our reupholstering services offer you a lot of benefits:

Save money -  Recolouring, repairing, and reviving old or worn leather furniture is far more cost-effective compared to buying a brand new piece of furniture or replacing your whole living room set simply to match the new item.

Your furniture will look new again -  Our team provide professional leather repairs to make your furniture look fresh and revitalised again. We will revamp your leather items, preserving its original style when you bought them without any huge, overbearing costs.

Ensure furniture longevity -  Having your items of furniture repaired by our leather specialists will boost the lifespan of your favourite pieces, saving you unwanted expenses in the future.

Improved durability -  Oftentimes, leather furniture can require more maintenance compared to other types. Our repair services ensure to maintain the good condition of your items by cleaning them regularly, making them much more resilient against any future damage.

If you’ve already noticed signs that your furniture needs leather repairs, visit our leather repair shop and our specialists will be more than happy to help.

Why Trust Us

Born out of a family-heritage passion for furniture restoration, cabinetmaking, and French polishing, Alexander Christian has been providing top-notch services for years.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we always aim for the highest quality of craftsmanship when working with our clients. Because of our knowledge, skills, and years of experience, we are known for repairing the impossible.

Moreover, we work with Trading Standards of North Wales, providing you with the highest quality of expertise and reliable leather repair service right here.

So what are you waiting for? Find out how our leather furniture renovation and repair service can help you now by calling one of our representatives at 01352 758686 or send us an email at info@alexander-christian.co.uk .


How do you repair damaged leather?

For small scratches and tears on your leather sofa or car seat, you can use olive oil or baby oil to repair it. However, for larger marks and rips, you should speak to specialists in upholstery for sofa or car seat restoration.

How much does it cost to repair a leather sofa?

It depends on the damage to your leather sofa. Usually, for single leather damage, the cost of leather repair is around £75 to £120.

Can I repair my leather sofa?

You may get a leather repair kit for repairing cuts, cracks, and areas that are peeling. But if you think it needs a more professional treatment to be fully restored, you should get an upholstery renovation right away.

What is bad for leather furniture?

The most common harmful chemical for your leather is acetone. If you have accidentally spilt this on your leathered furniture, you must call an upholstery service provider and have it repaired.

Can cracked leather furniture be repaired?

Yes, any cracked leathered chair or car seat can be repaired. A sofa or car leather restoration service usually involves the use of dye and leather filler to fix deep cracks.

Why does leather peel off?

Leather peeling happens because the material is stretched. If your car seat is suffering from leather peeling, you can use a car interior restoration service from a trusted expert.

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy new pieces?

Getting an upholstery restoration service is a much cheaper alternative than buying a new sofa set. Restoration is also highly recommended for pieces of furniture with great value.

Helpful Tips On Restoring A Cracked Leather Sofa

Your leather couch can crack and peel off due to oil, moisture, and dirt from your body, hair, and clothes. However, it is perfectly possible to repair small cracks on your furniture pieces, and you may even save money from these leather repair costs .

First, use a sponge to apply three to five layers of leather binder on the furniture’s surface to help the fibres stick together.

Just make sure to wipe off the excess binder and let the surface dry before applying another layer.

Next, put on a thin layer of leather colourant on your sofa, by using a sponge. Lastly, spray leather finish on to your sofa. For more severe damages, getting a reliable expert in leather repair in Mold would be better advised.

A Guide To Cleaning Leather Sofas

It’s essential to clean and maintain your leather sofa to save you a trip to your local leather repair shop.

First, check the label: this can help you identify the right cleaning products and the best way to clean your furniture.

If your sofa is finished leather, you can use mild soap for a quick clean. You can also use a solution of white vinegar and water.

However, if your leather couch has stubborn stains, you might have to call in the experts.

So if you are about to type “find leather repair company” into your search engine, stop! You’ve already found the best. Here at Alexander Christian, our friendly staff will help you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you!

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