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Alexander Christian: The Services That You Need To Know About

17th September 2021

As a homeowner, the chances are that you have put a significant amount of time and effort into creating an interior that you can be proud of. This will have involved sourcing furniture pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, and ...
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Questions That Are Frequently Asked About Leather Sofas

10th September 2021

Since they were first introduced to the market, it is safe to say that leather sofas have been well-received; their popularity has led to them becoming an integral part of many modern homes, and there are no-signs that this is a ...
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Fixing Common Imperfections With Family Sofas

24th August 2021

When you have small children, it is likely that the furniture in your home will suffer more general wear and tear. Some pieces of furniture, like the sofa, will be used by the whole family on a daily basis and the pieces that ar ...
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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Leather Sofa Cleaning

13th August 2021

It is fair to say that the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room and it is probably one of the few pieces of furniture in your home that you actually use every day. For this reason, it is no s ...
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What Problems Do You Need To Be Wary Of With Leather Furniture?

4th August 2021

The world of interior design is one that is always changing, particularly when you take a look at the choice of furniture that people opt for. In times gone by, it was cotton-esque fabrics which proved to be most-popular. Howeve ...
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Advantages Of Reupholstering That You Might Not Have Considered

23rd July 2021

When you have owned a sofa for a number of years, it is only natural that you will form something of an emotional attachment to it. After all, this will have played an important part in your life - whenever you have finished a h ...
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Giving Your Old Bed A New Lease Of Life

16th July 2021

It goes without saying that a comfortable bed is a key piece of furniture and no bedroom is complete without one. However, the bed market is full of cheap, mass-produced beds that are easily damaged these days and unfortunately, ...
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Why Marble Table Repairs Are Always Worthwhile

9th July 2021

More often than not, when purchasing a new dining room or kitchen table for their home, durability will be one of the key features that homeowners look out for and something that is low maintenance is always a bonus too. For thi ...
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The Compelling Benefits Of Sofa Foam Replacement

3rd June 2021

When you first purchase a sofa, not only will it look amazing, but it will also be really comfortable too. Both the back and seat cushions will be plump and keep their shape, and the sofa will provide you with the support you ...
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How A Sofa Repairs Specialist Can Help With Your Upcycling Project

26th May 2021

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to upcycle pieces of furniture and instead of buying something new, many will take the time to revive old pieces that would otherwise be thrown away. There are so many benefits t ...
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