Furniture Repair Services in Prestatyn

Located on the Irish sea coast, Prestatyn is a great seaside resort town with lots of activities and things to do in the local area. Due to its strong presence as a tourist attraction, this makes the town widely known as the capital of North Wales. If you live in Prestatyn, or even close by, be sure to contact us if you require any furniture repair services, and we would be delighted to assist you and restore your beloved pieces to their original state.



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Leather repairs

Leather, as a material, is very durable and long lasting, so it is often an almost guaranteed inclusion in the modern home due to these excellent properties. However, after a number of years of constant use it may be starting to look a little bit shabby rather than chic. You might find yourself feeling disheartened at the wear and tear of your furniture, or even considering a replacement altogether - which can be very expensive. By contacting a specialist leather repair team, such as Alexander Christian, we offer a fully restoration service. No matter what the issues are with your leather pieces, Alexander Christian has a team of professional craftsmen who can help you.

Furniture repairs

At Alexander Christian, our team has a wealth of experience in bringing much-loved furniture back to life. Our team has the incredible ability to bring out your furniture’s hidden beauty, providing our customers in Prestatyn and beyond with a reliable and cost effective service which makes the pieces perfectly functional and looking good as new once more. We understand that such furniture often holds a significant amount of sentimental value for our customers, which is why it’s always better that the furniture is repaired or restored by a professional instead of being discarded. We would be happy to assist you. 

Cabinet repairs

If your cabinets are starting to fall apart, it is time to contact a professional team who can bring them back to life. Here at Alexander Christian, we are a dedicated team who aim to conduct all cabinet repairs to the highest standards, utilising industry best practices and techniques to restore them to the highest standards. We can repaint the exterior, add new laminates, and provide other services to ensure your family can enjoy them for generations more to come. The Alexander Christian team understands the techniques involved in professional cabinet repairs in great detail, so you know we are the company to contact. 

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

When your mechanical or electrical recliner chair goes wrong, your first thought may be to replace the chair in its entirety, but this is very expensive and often unnecessary, as the team at Alexander Christian offer professional mechanical and electrical recliner repairs. Our specialists can discover what the problems are with your faulty electric or a manual recliner and ensure that every issue is resolved, so you can continue to enjoy relaxing in it for years to come. We are complete experts in the world of mechanical and electrical systems, so you know we are the team you need to contact. 

French polishing

If you own wooden furniture in your home which is starting to look a little shabby, by contacting Alexander Christian, we would often recommend a French polishing service. Our team has the ability to restore your wooden furniture back to its original state with a gorgeous glossy surface and a distinct deep colour, which cannot be replicated with any other restoration method. From dining room tables, sideboards, wardrobes and other wooden furniture pieces, we utilise both traditional and modern finishing techniques, leaving you with the depth and richness of an authentic French polish finish.  

Upholstery repairs

If your fabric furniture is in need of a long overdue refresh and needs some desperate TLC, the Alexander Christian team can provide you with an expert upholstery repair service to bring it back to its former glory. With our passion for providing high-quality furniture repair, we can provide you with another lifetime of enjoyment with your beloved pieces - which is much more cost-effective than purchasing an entire replacement. From sofas and armchairs to ottomans and dining chairs, our team can ensure the excellent condition of your furniture items at all times and for many years to come. 

Soft cushion foam replacement

When your sofa starts to show signs of ageing, it may feel worn out and not as comfortable as it used to be, so you may be thinking about buying a replacement. However, this really isn’t necessary, as the Alexander Christian professionals have the ability to bring your furniture back to life, utilising a variety of specialist industry techniques. We can inspect your sofa or chair to determine what needs to be repaired, alongside offering our expert advice so you can choose the best fabrics, pads, and covers for your furniture. No matter what state you think your furniture is currently in, we can guarantee spectacular results.

Upholstery cleaning

When your fabric furniture starts to look grubby and run down, by contacting the professional team at Alexander Christian, we can provide you with upholstery cleaning services which can bring your furniture back to life. No matter how bad the condition of your upholstery may be, we take pride in the quality of our work and the high standards of our service, so we would be delighted to assist you in restoring your pieces so they look as good as new. 

Antique restoration 

When your antique furniture gets damaged, or just generally suffers from wear and tear, this can be very frustrating and upsetting, especially if it is a prized possession that has been in your family for generations. However, before giving up hope, be sure that the Alexander Christian team can help you. We make sure to understand the value and worth of each item that we work with and can offer you the finest antique restoration service in the industry. Our team works with a personal touch at all times and will happily work with you to understand your needs and ensure the furniture piece is ready to be enjoyed and admired once again. 

Stone & glass ceramic repair 

Polished stone and ceramic surfaces, as well as glass, are a great addition to the modern home - but they are an investment. If these costly surfaces get damaged it can be so frustrating, and a simple replacement is just not an option. However, before losing hope, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. We can offer our fantastic services to you at a moment’s notice, using the most advanced repair techniques that have been passed down for generations. By contacting us, you can enjoy your fully-restored furniture for many more years to come with the peace of mind that we can help you if anything were to go wrong in the future. 

Worktop counter repairs

In the modern kitchen the worktops are certainly the highlight, but when they start to experience wear and tear - such as burns, scuffs and chips - this can really bring down the luxurious feel of the room. If you want these signs of damage to just disappear without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money, the Alexander Christian team is who you need to contact. We are highly experienced in repairing worktop counters, and we always value precision and attention to detail in our work, so you know we are the team to get in touch with. 

Car interior repairs

Cars are used so frequently that it is almost impossible to prevent wear and tear, but it doesn’t make it any easier to look at. From scuffs, burns, spliages and even burns, using a car so often means that this general damage is bound to happen, but this isn’t something that you need to deal with forever. At Alexander Christian, as well as being experts in repairing almost every piece of furniture you can imagine, we also understand how to restore a car interior to its original condition. We are master craftsmen with generations of experience and expertise, so we will utilise a variety of techniques to bring the vehicle back to life.

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