Furniture Repair Services in Ruthin

This little town is like nowhere else in Wales, being layered with centuries of history and is surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes in Britain. If you live in Ruthin and require any furniture repair services, our team would be happy to assist. No matter what the problem may be, we have the right solution for you. Some of our favourite furniture repair projects have been from the Ruthin area, so we would certainly love to work with you.



Stokers fine furnishings, Dining table leg frame repair, before Stokers fine furnishings, Dining table leg frame repair, after
Sutcliffe, Scratch removal on TV cabinet, before Sutcliffe, Scratch removal on TV cabinet, after
Can Sun-Bleached Wood Be Restored Can Sun-Bleached Wood Be Restored

Leather repairs

If you have owned leather furniture for a long period of time it may start to look tired and worn out. Although leather has a wealth of durability properties, after a while it can start to look worn and tatty, which can be so frustrating to see. If this is the case for you, why not contact the Alexander Christian team? We are a dedicated group of professionals who can provide your leather furniture with the TLC it desperately needs. We like to consider ourselves as leather specialists in Ruthin - so you know we are the team to go to.

Furniture repairs

Are your furniture pieces beginning to fall apart? The Alexander Christian team would be more than happy to assist if this is something you are experiencing. As specialists in furniture repairs in Ruthin, the Alexander Christian specialists offer the very best furniture repair services which is a far more cost-effective option for furniture owners, especially because some pieces are not entirely replaceable. By contacting the team at Alexander Christian, we will provide you with a high-quality service that cannot be matched anywhere else - so be sure to get in touch with our team to learn more.

Cabinet repairs

If your cabinets are starting to fall apart, it is time to contact a professional team who can conduct all cabinet repairs to the highest standards. It can be quite the investment to replace all your old furniture when something goes wrong, which is why the Alexander Christian specialists would be more than happy to help. As they are so frequently used, your cabinets are prone to a lot of damage, so general wear and tear is bound to happen. Our professional repairers will utilise the latest tools and methods to restore your cabinets to a pristine condition, even completing the work in your home.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

If something has gone wrong with your mechanical or electrical recliner chair, you may feel tempted to conduct the repairs yourself. However, if you are not knowledgeable in the mechanics of these chairs, you could cause more damage and further problems down the line. Before trying to repair the chair yourself, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. Based near Ruthin, we are a dedicated team of professionals who always strive for excellence when repairing and restoring reclining chairs. If you decide to contact us, you can rest assured that we have the ability to spot where the problem lies with a faulty electric or a manual recliner and allow you to enjoy the chair for years to come.

Upholstery repairs

Do you own fabric furniture which is starting to fall into disrepair? Before losing hope and purchasing complete replacement furniture, the Alexander Christian team would be more than happy to help you. Scuffs, tears, discolouration, scratches, burns, and more are all signs of damage we regularly see on fabric furniture, and you will be pleased to know that the Alexander Christian team have the knowledge and expertise to repair all of this damage. From sofas, chairs, footstools to dining chairs, we can resolve any issues you are experiencing at the most affordable prices, so you know we are the team to go to.

French polishing

If your wooden furniture pieces are not looking as bright and wonderful as when you first purchased them, you may greatly benefit from a professional French polishing service. As a team of professionals, we have extensive experience in all aspects of furniture restoration, including French polishing - which is a very difficult technique to master. At Alexander Christian, our team are well-versed in French polishing and can meticulously bring your wooden furniture back to life. No matter what piece of wooden furniture you require to be restored, by the time we have finished our work, your wooden furniture will have a gorgeous glossy surface and a distinct deep colour that you are bound to fall in love with.

Soft cushion foam replacement

If your sofa is starting to show signs of ageing, it may feel worn out and not as comfortable as it used to be. This is where you may greatly benefit from a soft cushion foam replacement service, which involves the Alexander Christian team reupholstering cushion covers, repairing damaged cushions and providing new booster pads. It’s important to remember that getting your sofa repaired and replacing the foam is always much cheaper than buying a new sofa set. So by conducting us, you have the peace of mind that we work with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions, completing every project to the highest of standards and restoring your sofa back to its former glory.

Upholstery cleaning

At Alexander Christian, we are complete experts in upholstery cleaning and we promise to restore your fabric furniture by tailoring our services to meet your exact requirements. We will use the correct materials and methods according to the type of fabric and ensure they are restored perfectly. Although you may feel inclined to clean the upholstered furniture yourself by using DIY methods, this can actually cause more damage than good, as materials react differently to liquids and cleaning solutions. We cover a wide range of materials, including aniline leather, wool, silk, cotton, synthetic fibres, and much more, so be sure to get in touch with us.

Antique restoration

Antique furniture is often just not replaceable, so when something goes wrong and your pieces require repairs, you may feel very disheartened. Before losing hope, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. We are specialists in the industry and have the expertise required to restore your antique furniture pieces back to their original condition. By contacting us, you have a team who you can rely on to come up with the best restoration solution, whilst ensuring you are 100% happy throughout the entire process. We will ensure you can enjoy your favourite antique pieces in your home for years, and even generations, to come.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

From counter tops to your shower screens, stone, glass and ceramic surfaces are incredibly common in the modern home. If these surfaces in your home are beginning to suffer from high levels of wear and tear, you will be pleased to know that the Alexander Christian team can revive and repair the surfaces of your furniture, repairing any damage that has occurred and sealing the surface itself. No matter what the size of the project may be, we would be happy to help, removing any scuffs, scratches, watermarks, ring marks and more. We will make it our mission to ensure you are completely happy with the final result of the repairs, so be sure to get in touch.

Worktop counter repairs

Worktops are one of the most used pieces of furniture in the modern home, so it can be very frustrating when these surfaces begin to show signs of wear and tear. From burns, scuffs and chips, these are all signs of damage which are often seen on your kitchen worktops, so be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team if a professional repair is something you require. As a business, we are highly experienced in repairing worktop counters, and we always value precision and attention to detail in our work. We have the extensive experience required to revert any of this wear and tear to ensure your kitchen worktops look as wonderful as the day they were first installed.

Car interior repairs

If the interior of your vehicle is starting to deteriorate, this is not only heartbreaking to see, but it can cause the car to decrease in value. Before losing hope, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team, as we have worked on some of the most difficult projects, turning the impossible into reality. No matter what the project involves, our expert team has the required experience to restore the interior of your car so that it looks as good as new. From restoring interior trims to mending worn-looking car seats with a near-invisible, permanent repair - we have the expertise you require to ensure your car’s interior can be enjoyed for years to come.

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