Furniture Repair Services in Shotton

This town and community in Flintshire is one of our favourite places to complete furniture repairs. Despite being a relatively small town, Shotton certainly made its mark in the history books, and was originally founded by Anglo-Saxons and throughout the years Shotton has been through waves of development and change, and is now known for its huge part in the steel industry. If you are based in Shotton, and require assistance from the Alexander Christian team for furniture repairs, we would be happy to help you.




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Leather repairs

Leather furniture is a wonderful addition to any room in your home, but if it is starting to look tired and worn out, you may be considering buying a replacement. Before you make any impulsive purchases, you should look into working with a professional leather repair and restoration specialist - such as the team at Alexander Christian. Compared to buying a brand new piece of furniture, our specialists can provide you with a cost-effective solution which involves recolouring, repairing, and reviving your old or worn leather furniture. We use specialist industry techniques which can restore the impossible, allowing you to enjoy your leather furniture for many years to come.

Furniture repairs

If your furniture is starting to look worn and shabby, you will certainly benefit from furniture repair and restoration services. At Alexander Christian, we are complete experts in taking a piece of furniture that has sustained some form of damage and bringing it back close to its original condition. Our entire team are experts in the industry and utilise generations-old repair and restoration methods, which allows your items to be returned to their original, pristine condition. We can help bring new life to your highly valued pieces, not only making them look as good as new, but functional at the same time.

Cabinet repairs

When your kitchen cabinets require serious repair work, it can make the entire space feel very run down and shabby. This is not the atmosphere you want to create for your kitchen, so you may be considering purchasing replacement cabinets - but this isn’t really necessary. The Alexander Christian team are complete experts in restoring all kinds of furniture, including cabinets. Whether an unsightly stain needs removing, a wobbly leg needs fixing, or a nasty chip or dent needs filling, we can help you bring your furniture back to life. We have mastered all of the techniques in repairing cabinets and can allow you and your household to enjoy the cabinets for years to come.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

Owning a mechanical or electrical recliner chair is such a pleasure, as you are able to chill and relax in complete comfort. However, if your chair is starting to look a little worse for wear, or even experiencing some issues, it will be worthwhile considering a repair and restoration service from Alexander Christian. Our experts can easily locate the exact issue and restore the chair to its charming, original state. Regardless of the extent of the work required, by working with our team, you can enjoy our bespoke and personal service with plenty of care and attention to detail.

French polishing

When you contact Alexander Christian, you will be pleased to hear that we can provide you with an exceptional French polishing service, which can bring your gorgeous wooden furniture back to life. This technique requires a lot of practice and excellent hand-eye coordination to complete correctly, and our team are well-trained and have the expertise necessary to give your furniture that signature glossy finish that everyone adores. Our expert craftsmen know everything about this technique, and we will exceed your expectations when restoring your furniture - so you know we are the company you need to contact today.

Upholstery repairs

If your fabric furniture requires some TLC, the Alexander Christian team will be able to help you by providing upholstery repairs. From fixing discolouration, scratches, scuffs, tears and even more, our team can perform miracles and truly bring your fabric furniture back to life. Each service we provide is completely bespoke to the client, so we will inspect your furniture and decide upon the best route to take with the repairs. This will help us determine the cost of the upholstery repairs, taking into account the size, fabric, and style of your furniture. From sofas, chairs, footstools to dining chairs, we can help you with any project.

Soft cushion foam replacement

If your sofa is starting to show signs of ageing, it may feel worn out and not as comfortable as it used to be. Before purchasing a complete sofa replacement, you should consider contacting the Alexander Christian team who can complete a soft cushion foam replacement service. We work with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions and can restore your sofa back to its former glory, using a variety of specialist techniques by reupholstering cushion covers, repairing damaged cushions and providing new booster pads. We also aim to satisfy our clients by providing them with friendly and quality support when completing soft cushion foam replacements.

Upholstery cleaning

At Alexander Christian, we take pride in the quality of our work, including upholstery cleaning services. We have extensive experience in upholstery cleaning, working with a variety of sensitive fabrics and older furniture to get them looking brand new and refreshing the look of your interior. We can guarantee a great cleaning job without ruining your much loved furniture and keeping its original charm and character. Once the work has been completed, we even offer ongoing maintenance to further ensure the excellent condition of your fabric furniture items at all times.

Antique restoration

If you want to transform the interior of your home with antique furniture, you need to find the right specialist team to give your treasured pieces a refresh and restore them to their original quality, but without stripping the original character of the furniture or losing their heritage. The Alexander Christian team can provide you with the very best antique restoration services, using the best antique restoration techniques available and putting considerable time and effort into the project. If you decide to work with our team, we can help give you the ability to create a unique that is bursting with personality and wonderful antiques which hold so much history and heritage.

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

From counter tops to window panes, kitchen worktops to your dining table, at Alexander Christian, we are complete experts in all aspects of stone, glass and ceramic repairs. Scratches, stains and chips are an inevitable part of owning this type of furniture, as although they are made from very durable materials, they could get damaged from accidents in the household and might need a professional repair and renovation service. Paying extra attention to the surfaces is very important, and you should examine them regularly for any damage and contact a professional team. Here at Alexander Christian, we can also restore high-gloss surfaces, using a similar - but slightly different - technique to French polishing. We are committed to making the impossible possible

Worktop counter repairs

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home and over the years, it will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Even though scuffs and scratches are normally just aesthetic problems, this damage can take its toll on the design and feeling of your kitchen, so you may want to contact a specialist team who can repair the countertops for you. At Alexander Christian, our talented team can restore your furniture to their former glory, no matter what signs of wear and tear you have noticed.

Car interior repairs

If the inside of your car is suffering from too much everyday use, you may benefit highly from specialist car interior repair services. From restoring interior trims to mending worn-looking car seats, we are a specialist team who have a wealth of experience completing car interior repairs and can bring your vehicle back to life. With the ability to repair and restore what seems impossible, our repairers have mastered all required techniques for these projects, so you can trust that the work will always be completed to the highest standard.

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