Furniture Repair Services in Wigan

This large town Greater Manchester is situated on the River Douglas, and was actually the home to an ancient Celtic tribe that ruled much of what is now northern England. During the industrial revolution, Wigan became a major mill town and coal mining district, so established a huge population during this time. However, in modern day, Wigan is a bustling town which is home to many of the Alexander Christian customers, as it is based relatively close to our head office, so we often find ourselves paying a visit to the local amenities.



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Leather repairs

When leather furniture starts to age and become worn, it may look a little more shabby than chic. Here at Alexander Christian, we are complete experts in leather repairs and restoration, so you know we are the people you need to contact. Before you make any drastic decisions and find a replacement for your furniture, Alexander Christian has a team of professional craftsmen who can support you and recreate the wonderful leather grain and shine of your furniture that you once had. We use premium specialist materials to repair any surface damage, along with a variety of industry techniques to restore the impossible. 

Furniture repairs

No matter whether it's a family heirloom, a gift from a loved one, or just a piece of furniture you adore, it is never a nice experience when your beloved items start to fall apart. If this is the case, the Alexander Christian team are who you need to contact, as we are the go-to specialists when it comes to furniture repair in Wigan. Whatever the problem may be, even if the damage is due to years of misuse, the Alexander Christian team can provide you with a high-quality service that cannot be matched anywhere else. No matter what you may require, we would be more than happy to help you. 

Cabinet repairs

Cabinets are often the heart of the modern kitchen, as this is where everything is stored, the surfaces are used to prepare food and bring the whole room together. It is so important to look after your cabinets if you want to maintain the sophistication and class of your modern kitchen, but unfortunately, they can still be prone to damage. If your cabinets are in need of some well-needed TLC, you can rest assured that the Alexander Christian professionals will utilise the latest tools and methods to restore them to a pristine condition. We have the expertise required to come up with the best repair solution at a much more affordable price than replacing the furniture entirely. 

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

Mechanical and electrical recliner chairs have the ability to make your entire day so much more relaxing, allowing you to relax in a way that a normal sofa can’t possibly replicate - so it can be so frustrating when something goes wrong with it. You will be pleased to know that no matter how bad the damage is, the Alexander Christian team has the expertise required to repair and restore your chair and ensure it is working correctly. We can spot where the problem lies with a faulty electric or a manual recliner and ensure that every issue with your chair is resolved.

French polishing

Nothing can compete with the depth and richness of an authentic French polish finish, but this technique is a very difficult process to master and there are lots of room for errors to occur. French polishing requires a lot of skill, concentration and attention to detail, and you can rest assured that the Alexander Christian team are complete experts in this method of wooden furniture restoration. Our team can provide your furniture with a rich, authentic French polish finish that can’t be replicated anywhere else, allowing you to enjoy your wooden pieces for years to come.

Upholstery repairs

The team at Alexander Christian are a reputable group of restorers who use special methods, materials, and equipment to provide the highest quality upholstery repairs in Wigan and beyond. If your fabric furniture is starting to look more shabby than chic, and needs some well-needed TLC, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. We can restore the furniture to its original condition by utilising a variety of specialist industry techniques - whilst preserving even the most intricate details and features of the furniture’s design. 

Soft cushion foam replacement

Unfortunately, as your sofa begins to age, it is not going to feel as comfortable and bouncy as it did before, so you may be considering purchasing a replacement. However, this is very costly and often not necessary, as you could instead contact a professional repair team who can provide you with the highest quality soft cushion foam replacement services. We can help with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions, which we will cut to the required dimensions. No matter what you require from our services, we will tailor our approach to suit your needs and ensure you are completely satisfied with the process from start to finish. 

Upholstery cleaning

If you own upholstered furniture, it is essential that this is taken care of properly, and in a professional manner. By contacting a team such as Alexander Christian, we can do exactly that, and more. Specialist upholstery cleaning services can make a massive difference to the look and quality of your interiors, and this is something our professionals completely understand and appreciate. So no matter how bad you think the condition of your upholstery is, we can guarantee spectacular results and ensure your furniture looks as good as new and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Antique restoration 

At Alexander Christian, we can offer the highest quality antique repair and restoration services which cover a variety of different things including, upholstery, furniture, traditional French polishing and more. Our entire team pays great attention to detail when conducting our antique restorations and can bring your treasured piece back to life without stripping the original character or losing its heritage. No matter whether it's a family heirloom, or even a rare piece you found in a local shop, we will be able to help. 

Stone & glass ceramic repair 

When your stone, glass or ceramic surfaces start to look dreary and dated, this can bring down the overall luxurious feeling and atmosphere of your home, which is something you don’t want at all. The wear and tear of these surfaces is, of course, incredibly frustrating, but unfortunately it is an inevitable part of being a furniture owner. Luckily, by contacting a team such as Alexander Christian, we have become masters of our craft and can repair the most severe forms of damage, which is something we take great pride in. We’re confident that we can fix whatever problem you may have, so be sure to contact us to learn more. 

Worktop counter repairs

Over time, your kitchen worktop surfaces will start to experience wear and tear. As soon as you have spotted this damage, it can be quite hard to unsee it, so you may be feeling frustrated and upset about the thought of replacing the surfaces completely. However, before you make any impulsive decisions, be sure to contact the Alexander Christian team. Our talented team can restore your worktops to their original state, no matter what signs of wear and tear you have noticed. We always value precision and attention to detail in our work, so you can guarantee that nothing will look out of place after our repairs have been completed. 

Car interior repairs

Wear and tear is very common when you own a vehicle, and accidental damage can also occur. From spilled drinks, scratches, chips and scuffs, to even burns, all of these can happen to the interior of your vehicle, which can be so frustrating to see. Before becoming too upset, be sure to contact Alexander Christian, as our team will easily help you. Our craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation, making Alexander Christian one of the most trusted names in furniture repair and restoration, so we have the expertise necessary to pay great attention to the finer details of your car, restoring any imperfections that may be present. 

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