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How Can Antique Restoration Be The Best Option For Your Damaged Furniture?

There are times when replacement is not an option, such as with a much-loved heirloom that’s been passed down through the generations of your family or a highly valuable antique. Alexander Christian and our skilled team of craftspeople have been committed to preserving these pieces through the use of the best antique restoration techniques available.

If your much-prized possession has become damaged through wear and tear or by accident and requires a loving, tender touch to restore it to its former glory, only a specialist’s skillset will do.

We take pride in our master craftsmanship, and our team works with a personal touch at all times. Our workers pay great attention to detail and can restore your treasured piece without stripping the original character or losing its heritage.

We appreciate antique furniture, so we put considerable time and effort into every project we receive.

Our antique repair and restoration services cover:

  • Upholstery
  • Furniture
  • Traditional French polishing (especially where cabinets have been chipped and damaged, and parts that need reconstructing and prototyping from scratch).



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How Our Service Can Improve Your Home

For most people, antique repair is merely a way to add more years to an old piece’s life. However, well-restored antique furniture can also completely transform the look of any living space.

Perhaps you want to fix the wooden drawer that your great grandmother used to keep her jewellery in or the old high back chair that your grandfather used to sit on? Maybe you’ve had a large dining table in the family for generations, and you want to make it the centrepiece of your home?

We at Alexander Christian can make these precious works of art usable once again, ready to be enjoyed and admired for generations to come. With all of the broken pieces patched up and the finish restored to perfect condition, your old, antique pieces will make excellent additions to your home’s décor.

Integrating these beautiful items that hold a lot of sentimental value and history into your interior design can give you a unique home that is bursting with personality.

Masters in Our Craft

We know that restoring precious antique pieces requires relevant knowledge and skill. This is why we ensure that every member of our team is experienced in all aspects of antique home restoration .

Our mastery allows us to create and produce excellent work, giving our clients the best restoration results. Moreover, our skilled team of restoration antique experts utilise the best tools and most-effective restoration methods available today to meet your high standards of quality.

At the same time, we also treat every antique item like it is our own, ensuring supreme attention to detail. We are committed to our craft, so we make sure to understand the value and worth of each item that we restore.

At Alexander Christian, we offer a wide range of other services, including antique ceramic restoration , cushion foam replacement, and much more! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff if there’s something you need our help with that’s not on the list. You can reach us by calling 01352 758686 or filling the contact form at .


Are antiques worth more restored?

It depends on the condition of your antique. Before having an antique restoration job carried out, consider the value of the piece.

Some valuable antique items will be better left untouched unless they are badly damaged. However, this is only for exceptional cases. For most antiques, high-quality repair services for aged fixture will increase their value.

How old is an antique?

Generally, most antique dealers consider anything older than a century an antique. If your furniture is old, but not that old, it is “vintage”.

Does painting an antique devalue it?

Most antique furniture will benefit from a fresh paint job. However, certain expensive antiques might diminish in value if their original finish and aged patina are lost. Before taking your furniture to an antiques restoration company for repainting, always research what type of pieces you own.

Is it better to sand or strip furniture?

When it comes to old fixture repair, we don’t recommend sanding if you’re only dealing with problems related to the finish. Sanding is only advised in certain situations, and stripping is often safer for your pieces.

Stripping furniture is also faster. Unless the old finish starts to flake off, sanding is much more tedious compared with stripping using paint-and-varnish remover.

Can sun-bleached wood be restored?

A competent antique restoration UK based company like us can make short work of sun bleaching problems. We can remove the finish, sand off the bleached wood, and stain or oil the surface before applying a brand-new, beautiful finish.

Helpful cleaning tips for antiques

Unfortunately, even the best antique furniture can build up layers of dirt and grime on top of old polish. This is why proper cleaning is a vital part of aged fixture conservation.

First, try cleaning a small area of your furniture that won’t be visible. Next, apply soap with a damp lint-free cloth.

Leave the soap for a few minutes and then wipe it off with clean cloth and water. Repeat this process until all the layers of dirt are gone. Be as gentle as possible.

When cleaning your antiques, take care when using any oil-based products. If your furniture has been stained, these products can blacken the wood as they seep inside the grain.

Furniture problems that need professional help

Sometimes, taking your furniture to an antique restoration shop isn’t necessary. Minor forms of damage like slight fading and ageing are best left alone if they don’t bother you too much. Some might even be resolved with a little cleaning and polishing, which you can do on your own.

However, some circumstances warrant the skilled hand of one of our old fixture restorers. The most obvious is when a piece is broken in a way that significantly affects its functionality and appearance.

Another case is when the furniture is precious to you personally, and you’d like it to remain as perfect as possible. Our skilled workers can repair aged fixtures for you, taking care to address even the smallest dents and scratches on the surface.

If you’ve previously had your furniture repaired by different antique restoration companies and they did a shoddy job, we can correct the problems for you.

Not all damage needs an expert’s hand, but when things get serious, our team has your back. Our reliable antique house restoration team at Alexander Christian will have your furniture looking amazing again.

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