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How Our Professional Team Can Help You With Cabinet Repairs


From removing scuff marks to repairing broken hinges to resolving more serious structural issues, no one understands the techniques involved in professional cabinet repairs quite like us.

Often, polish alone isn't the answer. Years of wear and tear through regular use or sun damage can lead to problems. Alexander Christian can restore your cabinet to its former glory, whether an unsightly stain needs removing, a wobbly leg needs fixing, or a nasty chip or dent needs filling.

We aim to conduct all cabinet repairs at your home, though we may need to transport cabinets to our workshop if the damage is extensive.

Our repairers have mastered all of the techniques in repairing cabinets and other furniture. We always add a personal touch when working on your furniture, and go out of our way to restore your favourite cabinet so that it stays with you for many more years!

Our cabinet repair services cover:

  • Scuffs, scratches, and deep gouges
  • Cracked, bubbling, or peeling finish
  • Removing stain and ring marks
  • Chips and dents
  • Loose frames, joints, and legs
  • Broken hinges



Little Greene, sideboard cabinet scratch repair, before Little Greene, sideboard cabinet scratch repair, after
Frank Olsen, severe impact damage hi gloss cabinet repair, before Frank Olsen, severe impact damage hi gloss cabinet repair, after
Skovby, impact damage repair on cabinet, before Skovby, impact damage repair on cabinet, after

Fixing your cabinets on your own can be a real hassle for most people. You need to search for DIY tutorials on the Internet, buy the necessary tools, and spend long hours repairing the cabinet. If you want the burden off your shoulders, our professional team can help!

The Importance Of Cabinet Repairs

You need to take good care of your cabinets, especially the ones in your kitchen. Because you store your essential items that are used for preparing everyday meals in your cabinets, they should always be well-maintained and kept clean.

However, just like any other furniture, your cabinets are prone to a lot of damage. If you have been searching for a reliable ” cabinet repair near me ” you can trust that our specialists can come up with the best repair solution for your cabinet.

For example, one of the most common problems that plague wood kitchen cabinets is water damage. If your cabinet has any unsightly water stains, surface peeling, swelling, or mould growth, our professional repairers will utilise the latest tools and methods to restore it to a pristine condition.  

Another advantage of working with Alexander Christian is that our services can significantly improve your interiors. We can repaint the exterior, add new laminates, and provide other services that will make your cabinet look amazing. With a beautifully repaired kitchen unit gracing your home, all of your guests will surely be impressed!

Investing in kitchen cabinet repair and refinishing is also the best option if your cabinet is a precious antique or a family heirloom. These valuable antiquities should never be replaced, and our services can bring them back to their original splendour so your family can enjoy them for generations more to come.

If your favourite cabinet requires antique cabinet restoration , you have come to the right place. We are confident that we are the best people for the job.

Repair The Impossible With Alexander Christian

If you think that your cabinets are beyond repair, don't give up just yet! We have a team of experts who can fix your cabinets, no matter the extent of the damage.

For any special requests and services that are not mentioned on the list, we encourage you to get in touch via 01352 758686 or . One of our representatives will happily accommodate your needs!

When fixing kitchen cabinets with sagging problems, you can try wedging a prop stick between the bottom and the counter to raise it upward.

If your cabinet is recessed back a few inches from the edge of the soffit, it may need to be attached to a wall stud.


How do you repair laminated kitchen cabinets?

When doing a laminated kitchen cabinet repair, we apply a thin layer of contact cement on the surface and press the new laminate into place. Once this process is complete, you simply need to let the adhesive dry.

Can you replace the bottom of a cabinet?

The floor of your cabinet may start to swell after years of use and water damage. Luckily, our professional repairers are well-equipped to fix cabinet bases. We can identify the damaged parts of the cabinet base and replace them with sturdier materials as necessary.

Why are my kitchen cabinets pulling away from the wall?

Your kitchen cabinet may pull away from the wall either because it was improperly installed, or it can’t bear the weight of the items stored inside. This is especially true for cabinets that are nailed to wall studs instead of screwed into place. In cases like these, our cabinet and cupboard refurbishment services work wonders.

How can I update my kitchen cabinets without replacing them?

Your kitchen cabinet may pull away from the wall either because it was improperly installed, or it can't bear the weight of the items stored inside. This is especially true for cabinets that are nailed to wall studs instead of screwed into place. In cases like these, our cabinet and cupboard refurbishment services work wonders.

Measuring And Fitting Furniture Handles And Drawer Pulls

It is essential to keep your furniture handles and drawer pulls in excellent condition so you can easily store or retrieve the items that are inside. If they break, though, you'll be glad to know that we're experts in fixing cupboards handles and drawers!

First, our cupboard refurbishment professional will mark the cabinet with a pencil to easily find the handle's position. With a drill in hand, we'll bore a hole into the marked entry points. Next, we will push your chosen handle's screws through the holes and tighten them in place.

But our services cover much more than just cabinet handles and drawer pulls. If you're looking for someone to do any kind of refurbishment for furniture in your house, our team is the right choice for the job.

Adjusting Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Performing a cabinet door repair is often not that difficult. In some cases, all you need is a standard screwdriver with a tip that fits the screws on your cabinets.

If your door doesn't close correctly, one of the best fixes is side-to-side cabinet adjustment. Here, you will ensure the door itself is not too close to the cabinet, making it easier to open and close.

However, if the two screws on the hinged backplate of your cabinet are adjusted incorrectly, the door may end up too low or high. To adjust the door to the desired height, loosen the two screws.

If you are not confident about adjusting your cabinet doors correctly, you can call us for our professional service. A mistake could make the problem a lot worse.

There's no need to search the Internet for another ” cabinet restoration near me ”. Alexander Christian is the best one out there!

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