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What Sets Our Car Interior Repairs Apart?

Do you feel like your vehicle needs an urgent car interior repair ?

Driving the children to school, taking the dog to the park, loading up the weekly shop, accidental cigarette burns… the list goes on when it comes to different things that can wreak havoc on your vehicle! Does the interior of your car look like having it valeted may no longer be enough?

If the inside of your car is suffering from too much everyday use, this will not only spoil its appearance but can also affect its market value.

At Alexander Christian , we can turn our attention to a wide range of car interior repairs using the latest technology in smart repair, from restoring interior trims to mending worn-looking car seats with a near-invisible, permanent repair. For example, with leather car seats, we can condition the leather to length its lifespan and make it supple once again. We can also add a leather fragrance so that your car has that good-as-the-day-you-bought-it smell again.

We are master craftsmen with generations of experience and expertise, and a personal touch at all times. Through our exacting attention to detail, we will restore the interior of your car so that it looks as good as new.

Our car interior repair services cover:

  • scuffs and scratches to car leather seats
  • car leather recolouring
  • burns and holes in velour seats and trim, and vinyl
  • holes left by removing mobile phones and other accessories
  • damaged car carpets
  • scuffs and splits around doors and tail lifts
  • damage to interior plastics housing central and door consoles
  • almost any minor damage to car interior plastics.
Car Interior Repair
Car Interior Repairs



Aston Martin, scratch repair to leather driver seat, before Aston Martin, scratch repair to leather driver seat, after
Land Rover discovery, scratch repair to interior trim, before Land Rover discovery, scratch repair to interior trim, after
BMW, Smart repair to cigarette burn in  drivers seat, before BMW, Smart repair to cigarette burn in  drivers seat, after

Makes the Impossible Possible

Our quality of workmanship and our ability to repair and restore what seems impossible is what sets us apart. If there is something you need our help with that is not on the list above, simply get in touch.

Alexander Christian is a local auto upholstery shop . Our family-run business has skills dating back to the 18th century. Our craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation, making Alexander Christian one of the most trusted names in furniture repair and restoration.

We work with some of the leading names in the furniture restoration industry in the United Kingdom, and we take pride in having a strong working relationship with the Trading Standards of North Wales. We provide a wide range of services, from cabinetmaking, furniture repairs, car seat repair service , kitchen design and installation to independent inspections and assessments.

With such great name built through years of skills and hard work, we ensure to treat every car restoration project with the utmost care, applying supreme attention to detail. Our Managing Director, Christian Elwell, has a wide range of knowledge in this industry, enabling him to provide impartial and valid advice on all furniture-related issues.

Our team can restore your scuffed, burnt, or damaged vehicle interior using our specialised techniques. Depending on the nature of the damage, we can complete your vehicle interior repair within a matter of a few hours. If you want to hit the road with good-as-new car seats and interiors, contact us today at 07966 186 603 or 01352 758686 or send us a message at .

You may also send us an email at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter .


How much does it cost to replace the interior of a car?

If you are a car owner and you are interested in a complete makeover, you may consider vehicle interior reupholstering and installation, which may cost up to £1300 in total. A custom upholstery of an entire unit, on the other hand, may cost you about £2000. Carpet repairs are also available.

How much does it cost to fix car upholstery?

Professional car seat upholstery repair costs between £170 to £600 per seat, or between £600 and £2400 for a back bench seat and two bucket seats. This is not merely patching slip covers but wholly replacing the old material with new chosen fabric, adding or replacing foam or batting, or adding/repairing springs where needed.

How do you restore the interior of a car?

Usually, a complete car interior repair restoration job involves vacuuming out the vehicle, removing the inner door and floor panels, and thoroughly cleaning the inside using a solvent or other known cleaning solutions. Trimmers for auto leather seats will remove the old car seats and reinstall the new ones and other parts piece-by-piece.

Can car seats be repaired?

Yes, fixing vehicle upholstery is possible. It is one of the ways to upgrade an old car’s interior or change the aesthetics if you are not happy with the current design, but in most cases, car seats are repaired due to damage. The extent of the damage will play a huge role in whether you actually need car interior upholstery or not.

How much does leather car seat repair cost?

Fixing a hole yourself may cost around £25, while leather car seat repair companies may charge £80 for full repairs. A basic leather repair kit ranges from £50 to £250, which contains adhesive, filler, gloves, protective solution, colourant, and other materials you need to fix small car leather seat damages.

Helpful Tips for Restoring Your Car’s Interior

Are you planning to sell your car and want to get the best price possible? Dealers know that spiffing up the interior of a used car is always the best way to demand a higher price. No matter whether you are trying to sell your old vehicle or you just want to freshen up your ride, following these two pieces of car interior repair advice from Family Handyman can make a huge difference:

1. Get the right materials and prepare your car for the makeover. Visiting a vehicle upholstery shop to help you decide on which materials to use.

2. Match your colours. Do take note that restoration isn't designed to change the colours of your car. You need to select colours that are as close as possible to your current interior.

Auto Upholstery & Interiors – All You Need To Know

If you are planning to have your car upholstered soon, this article from Angieslist will help you understand what auto upholstery is and which parts of your interior can be trimmed or refurbished.

This article will also guide you on the normal process of fixing auto upholstery and how to prevent normal upholstery problems. If you would prefer to have experts take away the hassle, just give us a call or visit our car interior repair shop in Mold, Flintshire.

How Body Shop Car Interior Repairs Benefit You

Through years of driving here and there, your car is vulnerable to lots of wear-and-tear. Kids, pets, sharp objects, food, and even the sun's rays all work together to damage your car's interior. Thankfully, there are modern restorative techniques from auto seat fabric trimmers that can revitalise your car and keep it looking brand new for many more years.

This article will show you what techniques are available and how these interior repairs can benefit you and your car.

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