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Are Ceramic And Stone Table Repair Services Beneficial?

Is your once beautiful glossy table now looking less than perfect, due to surface scratches or dreaded ring marks from wine glasses or cups of hot tea? Luckily for you, at Alexander Christian we can provide you with the best ceramic and stone table repair and restoration services available!

Polished stone, marble and ceramic tables, as well as those with a high-gloss surface, require a different type of finishing and repair service to French polishing.

Whether your stone table is polished or lacquered, we can remove unsightly signs of wear and tear and polish the surface back to its original clarity.

Due to our combined years of experience in repairing stone and ceramic tables, we have become masters of our craft. By using our services, you can enjoy your fully-restored furniture for many more years to come.

At Alexander Christian , we offer stone and ceramic table repair services that cover:

  • Scuffs
  • Scratches
  • Chips
  • Water marks
  • Ring marks



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Great Maintenance Tips For Stone And Ceramic Tables

Many homeowners would agree that the less upkeep a piece of furniture needs, the better. Luckily, most stone tables have a lot of excellent features that make them quite easy to manage.

For instance, a ceramic table can resist extreme heat, so you can place hot cups or pots directly on its surface without worrying about damage. They are also incredibly resistant to shocks, cuts, and scratches, making them the ideal table for daily use.

But despite their high resilience, some of these tables should still be thoroughly cared for and maintained. For instance, tables made with marble, onyx, and limestone are considered “soft” and more prone to scratches compared to other materials. If this happens, it’s best to use a top-quality marble table top repair service.

Although we are always here to fix your damaged stone and ceramic tables, we believe that taking preventive measures is still important. Paying extra attention to the surfaces of your tables is a must, and you should examine them regularly for any damage.

No matter how durable your stone or ceramic tables are, they’re not entirely indestructible. They could get damaged from accidents in the household and might need a professional stone table repair and renovation.

For instance, chipping and cracking can happen due to a heavy plate or bottle hitting the edge of your table. With this in mind, always take care when using your furniture and have it repaired at the first signs of damage.

While it’s tempting to fix your table’s issues all by yourself, it’s best to leave it to our experts who have the skills needed to repair stone table effectively. The same goes for stubborn stains and marks that can’t be fixed with simple home remedies.

Work With Us

Alexander Christian is committed to making the impossible possible! We are skilful and knowledgeable about all aspects of stone furniture repairs and will always add a personal touch to every project that we undertake, so rest assured that our services will exceed your highest expectations.

If you need bespoke stone table repairs or have special requests that are not on our list of services, kindly call us at 01352758686 or fill out our contact form at . We’re confident that we can fix whatever problem you may have!


Are ceramic tables good?

Ceramic tables are an elegant piece to add to your home interior. However, accidents like a huge impact from a heavy object may cause chips and dents on your table’s surface. If this happens, you can simply use our stone table repair in Mold and have the damage sorted out.

Do ceramic tables stain?

Ceramic tables are quite durable and resistant to heat, scratches and water damage. However, the surface may get scratched and chipped as you use it over time. Our experts can revive and repair ceramic tile table top for you and even give you helpful cleaning advice for your furniture.

So, if you need a stone patio table repair or cleaning services, kindly get in touch with one of our friendly staff.

Should I seal my marble table?

Depending on your requirements, our marble table repair can include sealing your table or countertop to make it much more resistant to harmful spills and stains.

Our team of professional stone repairers and restorers will use a strong, quality sealer to ensure that your stone table is completely protected. So if you’ve been frantically searching “marble table repair near me”, you can rest assured that we’re the best choice for the job!

How often does marble need to be sealed?

To keep your granite, marble, and ceramic tables in excellent condition, our experts highly recommend that you have your furniture sealed every three to six months. You need to be diligent about doing this to preserve the quality of the finish.

Cleaning Your Stone And Ceramic Tables

Stone and ceramic tables are easy to maintain, but you have to know the best and safest ways of cleaning them.

To clean and refurbish stone table, dampen a piece of cloth or microfibre with a solution of water and mild detergent. Then, wipe the surface of your furniture to remove dirt. Do this every day, before and after meals.

There are also things that you should avoid when cleaning their surfaces. For instance, do not use abrasive cleaning products as they may cause noticeable, ugly marks. If the surface is scratched, you might need to call a professional to remove scratches on ceramic tables .

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll always have a beautiful table ready to impress your guests. But if your furniture has been damaged ahead of a gathering, don’t worry. Our craftspeople can make short work of any unsightly marks with our stone and ceramic table repair services.

Removing Stains On Your Granite And Marble Tables And Countertops

Different types of stains call for different solutions. For instance, you should use baking soda and water if it’s an oil-based stain; whiles hydrogen peroxide can be used to fix glossy stone table water-based stains.

Apply your chosen cleaning product to the stain and cover it with a plastic wrap. Let it sit overnight or a few days if possible, before rinsing it off.

While this can be a quick fix for minor stains, more stubborn stains on your polish lacquered table will require a professional cleaning service, as homemade solutions don’t usually work on them.

If you need someone to remove stains or fix cracked table, give us a call. Our team of experts will be more than happy to take the burden off your shoulders!

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