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Furniture Repair Services in Cheshire East

Cheshire East is an area that is full of culture, heritage and countless years of history. At Alexander Christian, we are situated very close to the areas in this county and have worked a wide variety of different projects - including restoring antique furniture. If you require any furniture repair or restoration services in Cheshire East, the Alexander Christian team would be happy to help you, as we are very familiar with the area and have lots of customers from this area.

Leather repairs

If your leather sofa, stool, dining chairs, or any other piece of furniture is starting to look more shabby than chic, you may be feeling a little bit disheartened. Your first thought may be to replace the furniture entirely, but this can be very expensive and a lot of hassle. Before jumping to buying a replacement sofa, you should consider leather repair services. Alexander Christian has a team of professional craftsmen who can help you and can easily recreate the wonderful leather grain and shine of your furniture. Your furniture will look brand new again, without any huge, overbearing costs.

Furniture repairs

When your furniture is in need of desperate repairs, you may consider just purchasing a replacement instead - but this could even cost you more money in the long run. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to furniture repairs, but here at Alexander Christian, we believe that opting for restoration or repair instead of a replacement will be a far more cost-effective choice. Our team proudly offers the best furniture repair and restoration services out there, so no matter how much damage your furniture has, we’re confident that we can have your items looking as good as new and perfectly functional.

Cabinet repairs

It is always important to take care of your furniture, especially cabinets. These are used incredibly frequently within the modern home, so they are bound to pick up more wear and tear compared to other pieces of furniture. However, don’t feel too disheartened when your cabinet starts to look more shabby than chic, as you can utilise a professional cabinet repair and restoration service from Alexander Christian. We are a team of professionals who are complete experts in restoring cabinets to their former glory, so you can enjoy their presence in your home for years to come. 

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

One of life’s greatest pleasures is the mechanical or electrical recliner chair. Your favourite chair is the best place to relax after a long day, but it can be heartbreaking when something goes wrong. If your recliner chair requires urgent attention, the Alexander Christian team are experts at locating the issue and providing the best mechanical and electrical recliner repairs, ensuring you can enjoy this luxury for years to come. No matter how big or small the issues may be, we pay a lot of attention to detail when working on all projects to ensure that every problem is resolved. 

French polishing

When your wooden furniture items start to look old and worn, you may feel inclined to purchase a replacement which looks shiny and new. Before starting your search for a replacement, you should consider the Alexander Christian French polishing service. This professional technique and method is used to restore wooden furniture, by building up hundreds of thin layers of French polish. This is a slow and meticulous process that can only be carried out by hand, and nothing can compete with the depth and richness of an authentic French polish finish. From dining room tables, sideboards, wardrobes and more, we have worked on a variety of projects, so you know we are the team to contact.

Upholstery repairs

Fabric furniture is a very popular inclusion in the modern home, but after a long period of time it can start to get worn and look a little tired. If your furniture is in need of a long overdue refresh, the Alexander Christian team can provide you with an expert upholstery repair service, where we can bring your fabric furniture back to life. The cost of this service depends on a range of individual factors, including the size, fabric, and style of your furniture, and we put together a completely bespoke quotation which is determined on what you are looking for. 

Soft cushion foam replacement

If your sofa is starting to feel uncomfortable and the seats are sagging, your first thought may be to purchase a replacement. However, this is not only a very expensive buy, but also completely unnecessary when you have the option to work with the Alexander Christian team. Situated near Cheshire East, our team are professionals in carrying out soft cushion foam replacements, which essentially bring sofas and chairs back to life, without the need to buy a whole new sofa set. Our service includes reupholstering cushion covers, repairing damaged cushions and providing new booster pads, so you are left with a comfortable and bouncy sofa or chair which you can enjoy for years to come.

Upholstery cleaning

When your fabric furniture starts to look grubby and has picked up lots of dust and grime, you may be tempted to clean the pieces yourself. However, without the right products and expertise, you could end up causing further damage. By contacting a professional upholstery cleaning team, such as Alexander Christian, we can help you by completely restoring your beloved fabric furniture. Retailers often recommend that you invest in professional upholstery cleaning every 18 to 24 months, and at Alexander Christian, we guarantee spectacular results for every client we work with. 

Antique restoration

If your much-loved antique furniture piece is in need of a rapid repair, or a complete restoration, the Alexander Christian team is who you need to contact. Our professionals completely understand that restoring precious antique pieces requires relevant knowledge and skill, which is why we apply the most-effective restoration methods and excellent attention to detail to ensure that every project is completed to perfection. We treat every antique furniture piece as if it's our own, restoring them to their original quality, without stripping the original character or losing their heritage - which is essentially what makes them so special.

Stone & glass ceramic repair

There are so many ways you can enhance the interior of your home, and one of these ways is to incorporate stone, glass and ceramic furniture. It not only looks great, but these materials are known for their durability and can last such a long time. However, they don’t last forever, and wear and tear is normal and signs of deterioration will begin to show. At Alexander Christian, we can provide you with exceptional repair services, as we are experts in all aspects of stone furniture repairs. Our repair and restoration services can also be used on glass, by using specialist techniques - which are similar to French polishing - which requires a lot of patience and skill, but has incredible results. No matter what you require, you can rest assured that we’re the best choice for the job.

Worktop counter repairs

As your kitchen worktops are used so often, wear and tear is bound to occur on the kitchen worktops, including chips, scratches, stains and potentially even more damage. However, before you give up hope and decide to purchase replacement countertops, the Alexander Christian team would be happy to help you. We have a very high standard of workmanship and a wealth of experience in repairing all furniture - including worktops. You can rely on our team to come up with the best restoration solution and repair any imperfections in your worktops, whilst ensuring you are 100% happy throughout the entire process. 

Car interior repairs

When the interior of your car is damaged, you may feel very disheartened and not understand what you can do to bring your vehicle back to life. Unfortunately, your car is going to experience some wear and tear damage over a long period of time, along with accidental damage such as burns, stains, rips, tears and more. You will be pleased to know that the Alexander Christian team can complete the highest quality car interior repairs, as we have the ability to restore what seems impossible. Our team are one of the most trusted names in furniture repair and restoration and would be delighted to help you. 

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