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Furniture Repair Services in Merseyside

Located in northwestern England, this county is situated on both banks of the lower reaches of the Mersey Estuary, and actually didn’t exist until 1974. This famous river in the north west has been known for centuries as the boundary between the historic counties of Lancashire and Cheshire. The Alexander Christian team are located not far at all from our customers in Merseyside, so would be happy to provide furniture repair and restoration services for any beloved pieces that require some well needed TLC.

Leather repairs

Within your home, you may have a variety of leather furniture which is all starting to look a little worn and unloved. Despite leather being known for its excellent durability, after a long period of time it can experience a lot of damage and can really start to show signs of ageing. From scuffs, scratches, rips and holes and even burn marks, the general wear and tear of this furniture can really start to ruin its original charm. By contacting Alexander Christian, we can provide an exceptional leather repair service so your damaged leather furniture looks as good as new. Our team has an extensive portfolio of leather repair projects, as well as a family-heritage passion for furniture restoration, so you know we are the company you need to get in touch with. 

Furniture repairs

Your furniture is such an important part of your house, but after years and years of constant use, it may start to look a little worn and can even require quite extensive repairs to bring it back to its original state. Some people are quick to buy new furniture instead of having them repaired, but this can actually be a much better option for you. Not only will your furniture look just as new, but opting for repair lets you keep some of your favourite pieces of furniture and bring out their natural beauty. By contacting the team at Alexander Christian, we will provide you with a high-quality service that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Cabinet repairs

All furniture needs to be looked after properly, especially your cabinets if they are located in your kitchen. As they are so frequently used, your cabinets are prone to a lot of damage, so general wear and tear is bound to happen and take its toll on your furniture. If your cabinets are starting to look more shabby than chic, and need a little bit of TLC, the Alexander Christian team can offer an exceptional repair and restoration service, utilising the latest tools and methods to restore it to a pristine condition. No matter what you may believe the extent of the damage is, we are confident that we are the best people for the job.

Mechanical & electrical recliner repairs

There are so many different reasons why your recliner chair could go wrong, which is so frustrating, and you may be inclined to try and repair it yourself. However, if you are not knowledgeable in the mechanics of these chairs, you could cause more damage and further problems down the line. By contacting a professional team such as Alexander Christian, we always strive for excellence when repairing and restoring reclining chairs and can complete the project to the highest standards. We can also provide you with seat refurbishment to preserve the aesthetic of your chair - so you know we are the team you need to contact. 

French polishing

If your wooden furniture pieces are not looking as bright and wonderful as when you first purchased them, you will highly appreciate the French polishing service we provide at Alexander Christian. By working with our specialist team, we can provide your wooden furniture with an elegant, glossy finish which is hard to replicate with any other techniques. The art of French polishing is hard to get right if you are not trained properly, but you can rest assured that our expert team knows everything about this technique, and we will exceed your expectations. No matter what piece of wooden furniture you require to be restored, we would be more than happy to help you. 

Upholstery repairs

Fabric furniture always looks great, but it can get grubby and dirty overtime, develop issues and may require repairs - especially if you have children and pets. If this is the case, the Alexander Christian team would be happy to offer the best fabric repair and upholstery repair for your home. Just to name a few problems that we have come across, upholstery repairs may be required for discolouration, scratches, scuffs, tears and even more - but the Alexander Christian team have the expertise to resolve all of these issues at the most affordable prices.

Soft cushion foam replacement

If your sofa is starting to show signs of ageing, it may feel worn out and not as plump as it used to. This can be very frustrating to experience, especially when you probably invested a lot of money into a comfortable piece of furniture for your living space. Although it may seem the end of the world, the team at Alexander Christian can quickly restore your sofa back to its former glory, using a variety of specialist techniques. We work with a wide variety of shapes and sizes of foam cushions, completing every project to the highest of standards and providing our customer with a sofa they are bound to fall in love with, that not only looks great, but is also very comfortable. 

Upholstery cleaning

When you own a variety of upholstered furniture it is essential for the health and wellbeing of your household that they undergo regular cleaning so that they don’t accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. This not only prevents them from becoming a health hazard, but a specialist upholstery cleaning service can make a huge difference to the look and quality of your interiors. By contacting Alexander Christian, we can provide you with an outstanding upholstery cleaning service which is tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. We will only use the techniques that are right for the material in question, whilst working closely with you to ensure your household can enjoy the high standards of our service. 

Antique restoration 

If your much-loved furniture piece is in need of a rapid repair, replacement is never an option in this instance. At Alexander Christian, we completely understand that restoring antique furniture is not just a simple job and it requires a wealth of experience and skill. Luckily, every member of our team is experienced in all aspects of antique furniture restoration and always utilise the very best tools and most-effective restoration methods to meet your high standards of quality. When you contact us, we will utilise our extensive knowledge to lovingly restore each piece, ensuring you are 100% happy throughout the entire process. 

Stone, glass & ceramic repair

Polished stone and ceramic surfaces are a great addition to the modern home. They are not only easy to clean and maintain, but look very luxurious and can completely transform your interior. However, accidents do happen, and it can be absolutely devastating if the surfaces were to become damaged and require repairs. The Alexander Christian team would be more than happy to help if you want to bring your surfaces back to life, removing unsightly signs of wear and tear and polishing the surface back to its original clarity.

If you have a high-gloss surface, we can also use another technique which is a different type of finishing and repair service to French polishing. Our team will work with you to fully restore your high-gloss furniture, restoring it back to its original state - removing any scuffs, scratches, watermarks, ring marks and more. No matter what the size of the project may be, we would be happy to help. 

Worktop counter repairs

Worktops are often the centrepiece of your kitchen, which unfortunately means they are going to experience a lot of wear and tear. From burns, scuffs, marks and chips, all of these take a toll on your worktops and can cause quite a bit of damage over a long period of time. Luckily, the Alexander Christian team can bring your worktops back to life and erase any signs of these imperfections. We can offer our fantastic services to you at a moment’s notice, using the most advanced repair techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Car interior repairs

If you are unhappy with your car’s interior, the Alexander Christian team can provide a range of upholstery and bespoke interior services to restore the beauty of your vehicle. Each of our specialists has extensive knowledge of these projects, with the ability to repair and restore what seems impossible. We’ve worked on many different types of vehicles, meaning that you can trust you’re in the right hands, and we tailor our approach with each client slightly differently to ensure their needs are completely met. We are certain that we can do an outstanding job for all of your requirements - so you know we are the team to contact for car interior repairs.

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