Giving Your Old Bed A New Lease Of Life

Posted on 16th July 2021

It goes without saying that a comfortable bed is a key piece of furniture and no bedroom is complete without one. However, the bed market is full of cheap, mass-produced beds that are easily damaged these days and unfortunately, these beds don’t last as long as they should do. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to spend a lot of money on replacement beds, especially when they continue to purchase beds that are poor quality. 


Instead of simply replacing your bed when you’re no longer getting a great night’s sleep, it is definitely worth considering frame repairs and maybe even mattress repairs too. These services can help to reinforce your bed and ensure that it is comfortable for many years to come, preventing you from needing yet another replacement. If you’re wondering how a furniture repair company can help with your old bed, keep reading today. 


Fix common slat problems 


Often, lots of the issues that homeowners have with their beds are caused by the slats. Bed frames take a lot of strain bearing the weight of bodies for hours on end and the slats take the brunt of the weight, but they often aren’t strong enough to do so. 


Broken or defective slats are very common and a furniture repair company will be able to make your old bed slats more secure or even replace them with new more suitable slats. They can also replace any individual slats that have cracked or bent entirely out of shape too. 


Reduce creaking or squeaking sounds 


As a bed gets older and the frame becomes damaged, it usually starts being noisy. Every time you roll over or move during the night you will probably notice lots of creaking and squeaking sounds which can make getting some shut-eye much more difficult. 


To help ensure that your noisy bed isn’t keeping you awake at night, a furniture repair company can take a look at your bed frame and identify what’s making the noise. They will be able to carry out any required repairs to ensure that your bed is quiet again. 


Stop your mattress from sagging 


Many homeowners find that over time, their bed starts drooping in the middle and this leads to their mattress sagging. Laying in an uncomfortable position on an unsupportive mattress often results in them waking up with lots of aches and pains. 


Sagging mattresses are a sign that your bed frame lacks proper central support, but a furniture repair company will be able to solve this problem for you. They can add additional slats with central legs to properly support the base and prevent the drooping you’re experiencing. 


Repair the bed’s upholstery


Divan and ottoman beds are very popular amongst homeowners, but their fabric base can often get tatty over time. The upholstery can easily rip, fray and stain, especially if a cheap thin material has been used to cover the bed base. 


When you’re wanting to improve the overall appearance of your bed, a furniture company can carry out any required repairs to the upholstery. They can also give the upholstery a professional clean and even completely reupholster the bed for you too. 


Replace tuff and springs on your mattress 


Of course, it isn’t just your bed frame that will be making your bed uncomfortable, your mattress plays a huge role in this too. Should you be experiencing issues with your mattress, a furniture repair company will be able to fix any broken tuff and springs to ensure the loose filing isn't dislodged. They can also provide advise on the best way to look after your mattress too. 


Finding a company that specialises in furniture repairs in Widnes 


When your bed is starting to look a little bit worse for wear and it isn’t as comfortable as it was when you first purchased it, it is fair to say that a furniture repair company can help you to give it a new lease of life. By reaching out to a team of specialists for assistance, you won’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on a new bed and you can trust that you will be happy with the results once they’re finished with the furniture restoration. 


If you’re looking for a company that specialises in furniture repairs in Widnes, be sure to contact us here at Alexander Christian. We have assisted homeowners with various different pieces of furniture that need repairs in the past and we are no stranger to carrying out bed repairs on all types of bed bases. No matter what your issues may be with your bed, our skilled team of furniture restorers in Widnes will be able to provide you with the high quality services that you need and we will always ensure that you’re satisfied with the finished restoration. 

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