Questions That Are Frequently Asked About Leather Sofas

Posted on 10th September 2021

Since they were first introduced to the market, it is safe to say that leather sofas have been well-received; their popularity has led to them becoming an integral part of many modern homes, and there are no-signs that this is a trend which is going to die-out. If you are entertaining the idea of buying one of these units, we expect that you will have a couple of questions prior to completing your order. It is for this reason that the Alexander Christian team have taken the liberty of addressing some of these queries down below.

Is it possible to repair them?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to fully-repair leather sofas; that being said, there are certain limitations to this. Fading colours, for example, are relatively simple - the same can be said for rips in the fabric. However, you need to be realistic of what you can expect from an upholstery service. Should you be searching for a solution to scratches that have been made by your pets, it won’t take long for this to be resolved.

Can foam be replaced?

When you sit on a sofa on a daily basis, you can expect for its interior to slowly-but-surely suffer a decline in terms of its quality. There is nothing wrong with this, and is simply a side-effect of usage. What many homeowners fail to realise is that you can hire a company to remove the foam within your leather sofa, and subsequently replace it with brand-new materials. In essence, this will extend its lifespan significantly - you can be rest-assured that this is a cost-effective investment that will reward you for years to come. 

Will the aesthetics be restored?

One of the main reasons that people decide to purchase a leather sofa is because of the first-class visuals that these units possess. Therefore, you will naturally want for its aesthetics to be kept intact for as long as possible. Repair kits can be used to make this a reality; by undergoing cosmetic repairs, you can achieve an incredible outcome. We would suggest taking your sofa back to your elected upholster once every twelve months for a check-up. Despite not being mandatory, it can ensure that you will be smiling-and-satisfied for years to come.

Why Come To Us

When you are on the lookout for a company that is able to provide leather furniture repair services, there are various considerations that you need to take into account. Understandably, you will want for the services to be cost-effective; more-importantly, the firm in question should be able to leave you grinning from ear-to-ear with the results. In terms of repairing leather, there are few that are on the same level as Alexander Christian, and this is evidenced by the wonderful collection of Trustpilot testimonials that we have accumulated. Reading these will almost-certainly instil some confidence in you in relation to our services.

Need Our Help?

It is certainly true that leather furniture is considerably more-difficult to repair than those which consist of, for instance, cotton or linen. That being said, it is not impossible - you just need to be incredibly careful about how you approach the project. Here at Alexander Christian, we are committed to handling any brief that comes our way, and we are thrilled to inform you that we have achieved overwhe,ing success in this department. Want to gain more of an understanding as to what you can expect when you solicit our services? If so, we recommend that you send us a message at; we can’t wait to hear from you.   

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