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Posted on 17th September 2021

As a homeowner, the chances are that you have put a significant amount of time and effort into creating an interior that you can be proud of. This will have involved sourcing furniture pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, and accessories that are in-keeping with the aesthetics. As such, if something was to go wrong, you are well within your tights to want to take advantage of a repair service. Here at Alexander Christian, we have years of experience in this industry - below, you can find a comprehensive rundown of what you can expect if you were to hire us.

Furniture Repair

If you were to talk to any of our previous customers, it is highly-likely that they would recognise us for the expertise that we possess in relation to furniture repair. To us, it does not matter if your leather furniture has seen better days, or you have a stain in your sofa’s fabric that you cannot seem to get out. The techniques that we have honed over the years ensures that we are able to procure top-tier results on a consistent basis.

Car Interior Options

Despite not being something that we are often asked about, the fact remains that we are more-than capable of improving your car’s interior. The extensive experience that our experts have amassed means that we have no-trouble tackling projects of varying description, and this is a prime example. Say, for instance, your dog has put claw marks into the upholstery, or your young child has spilled a drink. Rather than have to live with these imperfections, you can enlist the help of Alexander Christian.

Cabinet Improvements

Picture the scene: you have an ornate timber cabinet that has been passed down through your family for generations. Unfortunately, time has not been kind, and the quality of the material is slowly-but-surely beginning to decline. This is naturally a situation that you will be desperate to find a solution for; it is here that Alexander Christian can easily put a smile on your face. The cabinet repairs that we preside over can help to rid your unit of any cracks that have appeared - the same can be said for the chips which have started to show.

Bed Repairs

When you consider the importance of the various different furniture pieces that you have within your home, we are sure that you would agree that your bed is deserving of being considered ‘essential’. This, after-all, is where you will retire after a hard day’s work, and you need it to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is vital that you pay for repairs in a timely fashion; thankfully, Alexander Christian is here to help you in this department. Bed repairs are relatively simple for us, and we will gladly complete this in a short space of time.

Take The Plunge

Hopefully, you are starting to gain a firmer-grasp of what you can expect when you decide to put your faith into the Alexander Christian team. Time-and-time again, we have proven ourselves to be amongst the finest when it comes to repairs and restorations. Our high-quality services are designed to be both cost-effective and entirely-satisfactory - it is a fine line, but one that we believe that we tread rather well. Should you be in desperate-need of furniture repair in Widnes, or feel that one of your favourite pieces of furniture is suffering from general wear and tear and could do with some love, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you give us a call on 07966 186603 today, we will get the restoration services underway as soon as possible.

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