Taking Care Of Your Ceramic Tables And Worktops

Posted on 11th February 2021

It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to choose ceramic materials over the other options that are available for their kitchen tables and worktops. Not only can you get ceramic tables and work surfaces in a wide variety of colours and finishes nowadays, meaning it isn’t difficult to find something that works perfectly in your kitchen, but this material is known for being hard wearing and really hygienic too, so it is undeniably a great choice. 


Generally speaking, ceramic materials are fairly low maintenance and you shouldn’t need to do much on a regular basis to ensure that your ceramic tables and work surfaces are kept in good condition. That being said, sometimes simply wiping them down with a damp cloth and warm water with mid detergent won’t be enough and you may require a professional cleaning and/or repair service. To help you prevent this, below are some tips for taking care of your ceramic tables and worktops.  


Be aware that the edges are prone to chipping and cracking 


Whilst the main surface of ceramic tables and worktops are able to withstand the vast majority of day-to-day wear and tear, it is important to remember that the edges are slightly weaker. Often, when people require ceramic table repairs, the damage is on the edge of their table. 


When placing heavy plates down on your kitchen table, for example, be careful not to hit the edges. Unfortunately, chipping and cracking isn’t uncommon if the edges are caught with another durable material and leaving them in this condition can be dangerous. Ideally, if any damage is caused to the edge of your kitchen table then you should find a local repair service as soon as possible. 


Try to use a chopping board when possible


Whilst food can be prepared directly on a ceramic surface, it doesn’t mean it should be and scratches from sharp knives may be visible on your ceramic table or worktop. In order to remove these, you will probably need to have the surface buffed and polished. 


Ideally, to prevent this, you should ensure that you’re using a chopping board when preparing food and cutting up ingredients. It is also recommended that you use heat proof mats for pots and pans that have just come off the stove too. Again, just because ceramic materials are known for being heat resistant, doesn’t mean that you should overlook this really simple way to keep them looking their best. 


Remove stains as soon as you notice them 


It is recommended that you wipe down your ceramic tables and work surfaces every day with a solution of water and mild detergent, but you will probably need to do this more frequently, especially if you have little children who are prone to spilling things. 


Should something be spilt on your kitchen table that could potentially stain, be sure to clean it as soon as possible in an attempt to prevent it from becoming a stubborn stain that you’re unable to get rid of yourself. You will likely need different solutions for different stains, for example; oil-based stains can be removed with baking soda and water. 


When trying to remove stains from your ceramic tables and worktops, ideally you should apply the correct solution and then cover the area with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight. This will increase the chances of the stain wiping away when you rinse the solution off. If homemade solutions don’t work, you may require a professional cleaning service.  


Getting assistance with ceramic table repairs in Chester


All in all, whilst you shouldn’t require too much assistance when it comes to keeping your ceramic tables and worktops in good condition, taking into account everything mentioned above will help to avoid needing repair and restoration services. Even though ceramic materials are durable, it is important to remember that they aren’t entirely indestructible and they can get stained, scratched and chipped over time, so you shouldn’t be too careless with them. 


When searching for a professional that can assist you with ceramic table repairs in Chester, be sure to contact us here at Alexander Christian. We are experienced ceramic restorers and we can provide you with the high-quality services that you require in this regard. Whether your table has scuff marks, chips or ring marks, we can return it to its former condition and remove any unsightly signs of wear and tear. If you have any questions at all about ceramic table repairs in Chester feel free to reach out to our team today. 

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