Problems that Can be Resolved Using Floor Repair Services

Posted on 6th October 2021

When you walk into your kitchen, it is understandable that you will want to be greeted by the sight of a pristine room that is warm and welcoming. If you have completed a renovation project in the past, it is even more important that everything is to your liking. Unfortunately, there are certain factors that are outside of your control. The floor is a particular area of concern, as any issues can ruin the effect that you have worked so-hard to cultivate. If you are curious to learn what restoration services can be used to treat, take a look at the list that the Alexander Christian team have compiled down below. 


Were you to discover a dent or two in your floor, we are sure that you won’t want to have to live with these for longer than necessary. More often than not, these occur because timber flooring has not been treated with the correct varnish. There have been other instances whereby the boards are subjected to moisture, which subsequently weakens them. If you can relate to either of these scenarios, paying for professional restoration is the course of action that you should take.


In the kitchen, you need to consider the possibility of hot plates and utensils hitting the floor. The main issue with this is that the heat can cause the flooring to warp, with these bumps only serving to cause further complications. The people that are most at-risk are those whose kitchens are fitted with timber floor boards. Whilst you could dedicate your time to fixing this yourself, to improve your chances of being satisfied with the final outcome it would be wise to commission experts in this department.



Since first being introduced, it is safe to say that tilework has remained immensely popular, particularly when used as a flooring solution in the kitchen. These are considered to be smart and sophisticated, and are certainly a solid choice of investment. That being said, these can become scratched after a short period of time, which is less-than ideal. Please be aware that if this happens to your tiles, there are contractors that can get them looking as good as new.


In recent times, it has become clear that laminate flooring is not just an affordable solution - it also possesses other properties that make it desirable. What you may not have realised is that if not fitted to a high-standard, it is possible for peeling to occur. Despite not being quite as severe as the other problems to make it onto this list, you should still be wary. If left untreated, the complications will undoubtedly frustrate you time and again. 


Who Are We?

Restoration companies can be found scattered around the country, all of which with their own unique capabilities. Some of these are only able to tackle projects relating to furniture repair and restoration. Others are typically focussed on trying to resolve problems with kitchen flooring. If you were to come to Alexander Christian, the reality of the situation is that you have access to both of these services and more.

Unlike other repair specialists, we strive to be able to handle any project that comes our way. Do you have a piece of wooden furniture that is past its best? Noticed a couple of imperfections in your flooring that could do with fixing? If you are face-to-face with either of these scenarios, it may be worthwhile dropping us a message at We guarantee a great job, and we offer an experience unlike any other.   

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