How To Refresh Your Leather Sofa For 2021

Posted on 11th January 2021

For many homeowners, their living room will be the most used space in their house and, for this reason, the furniture in this room often experiences the most wear and tear. Arguably, sofas go through the most on a daily basis and this can result in them looking worn and tatty, sometimes not long after you’ve purchased them, but thankfully, there are several different ways that you can improve their overall appearance. 


Even if your old leather sofa is so worn that you think it is probably beyond repair, you shouldn’t give up on it and simply purchase a new one. You will likely be surprised just how much of a difference various leather restoration services can make in this regard. So, if you’re wanting to give your leather sofa a refresh for the new year, why not consider undertaking some of the following restoration services for 2021?


Leather cleaning and conditioning


Of course, one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the look of your leather furniture is to give it a professional clean. The vast majority of homeowners will rarely clean their sofas and this in itself is one of the main reasons why they look worse for wear. Booking someone to come and complete a thorough clean of your leather sofa whereby they condition the leather and carry out any required buffing really can make it look like it did in the showroom again. 


Targeted stain removal 


Your sofas will likely be used by all members of the family and no matter how careful everyone is, over time they will probably get stained. Whilst leather sofas are known for being easy to clean, there will be some marks that won’t come off with a soft cloth and some warm soapy water. From pen marks to nail varnish remover marks, no matter where they may be, removing them from your sofa will drastically improve the look of the sofa as a whole. 


Fixing of cracks, scuffs, scratches, rips and holes


Unfortunately, leather is prone to cracking and it can scuff quite easily too, so over the years, it is likely that your sofa will become quite flawed. Whether your children have dragged toys across the cushions or your pets have scratched the sides of your sofa, big marks and rips will instantly make your whole sofa look tatty and old. Reaching out to an experienced professional for leather repairs can hide these imperfections and make it look as good as new again. 


Recolouring of faded areas 


The vast majority of homeowners who have leather sofas will have them in shades of cream, brown or black, all of which can start to fade over time. Often, areas of the sofa that are used most frequently, such as the seat cushions and armrests, will fade much quicker than other areas, leaving you with an unwanted two-tone design. Recolouring your leather sofa is one of the best ways to refresh its appearance and bring life back into this piece of furniture. 

Cushion foam replacement 


When you first get a new leather sofa the cushions will be plump, but over time you will probably notice that your seats have sagged, which doesn’t only make the sofa look bad, but it makes it uncomfortable to sit on too. If you have indents in your sofa from where people tend to sit, replacing the foam inside the cushions can make such a huge difference, both aesthetically and comfort-wise. You may even be able to make your sofa more comfortable than it’s ever been.


Booking leather sofa restoration services 


It is fair to say that all of the leather sofa restoration ideas mentioned above really can give any sofa a new lease of life and, of course, recolouring, repairing and reviving this piece of furniture is far more cost-effective than buying a brand new sofa. Experienced leather specialists really can boost the lifespan of your favourite pieces and make them much more resilient against any future damage too, so it is undeniably worthwhile giving your sofa a refresh. 


When searching for a company that offers leather sofa restoration services, be sure to visit the Alexander Christian website. Our incredibly talented team provides several professional leather services and you can rely on them to make your furniture look fresh and revitalised again whilst preserving its original style. We have worked on several different shapes, sizes and styles of sofas in the past and no matter what condition your leather sofa may be in, it is highly likely that we will be able to help. 

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