Fixing Common Imperfections With Family Sofas

Posted on 24th August 2021

When you have small children, it is likely that the furniture in your home will suffer more general wear and tear. Some pieces of furniture, like the sofa, will be used by the whole family on a daily basis and the pieces that are incredibly well made still won’t be indestructible. So, even when you spend a lot of money on a high-quality leather sofa, for example, there is still a high chance that it will require some repair or restoration work at some point.


Thankfully, there are a number of different furniture repair services that can help you bring your family sofa back to life, no matter what imperfections it has or how old it may be. If you’re wondering what common sofa problems furniture craftsmen can help you with, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the different ways that an experienced team will be able to help you restore your much-loved family sofa. 


Rips and holes in the fabric


Simple things like wearing shoes or playing with plastic toys on the sofa can result in small tears in the upholstery. Often, these tears don’t stay small for long and they will quickly turn into rips and holes if the sofa is still used by the whole family. Thankfully, professional upholstery repairs can fix these tears without having to replace panels, giving your sofa a flawless finish again. 

General spills and staining 


When colouring on the sofa, marks from pens are incredibly common and drinks being spilt is something that happens very frequently too, but these stains can sometimes be quite stubborn. Whether you have a leather or upholstery sofa, spot stain removal can work brilliantly on the majority of stains and professional sofa cleaners can make your sofa look as good as new. 


Cracking and peeling 


Through no fault of your own, leather sofas can crack and peel over time. This is often due to oil, moisture and dirt from your body, hair and clothes, yet if overlooked the cracking and peeling will only get worse and soon start making your sofa look tatty. A leather sofa repair service will be able to fix these imperfections though, so the appearance of your sofa can be fully restored. 


Flat and uncomfortable cushions 


As a sofa gets older and when it is used frequently by the whole family, it will likely start to sink and the cushions will start sagging. Your cushions are what makes your sofa comfortable to sit and lay on, so you should consider replacing the foam in them. Flat cushions don’t mean you have to splash out on a new sofa and foam replacement is a brilliant cost-effective solution. 


Creaking and broken frame


Whilst your sofa will mostly be used for sitting on, there is a high chance that it will occasionally be used as a climbing frame or a trampoline by children and this can result in the frame breaking. Recliner sofas can be really fun too, yet their mechanism and handles aren’t indestructible. Thankfully, whether you have a mechanical or electrical recliner sofa, some internal repairs can fix any issues in this regard. 


Frayed and damaged stitching


The stitching on a high-quality sofa will be quite strong, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t start to come apart after years of use. Of course, the stitching is what’s holding your family sofa together, so once it has started to fray it will easily turn into a hole and the upholstery will start to come apart. Yet, a trained technician will be able to bring the stitching neatly back together. 

Getting sofa repairs in Chester


Ultimately, no matter what wear and tear your sofa has suffered after years of use or at the hands of your small children, you can almost guarantee that an expert craftsman will be able to help you. There are so many different ways that you can make an old sofa functional again or restore it to its former glory, so you won’t need to invest in a replacement every time there is a new imperfection which can save you an awful lot of money. 


If you’re looking for a company with years of experience that can provide you with sofa repairs in Chester, be sure to contact us here at Alexander Christian. We have the knowledge, skill and patience required to provide a number of useful furniture repair services and you can trust that your family sofa will be in the best hands with our fully trained team. Explore our website today to find out more about our services and if you’d like our assistance with your upholstered or leather sofa, we will gladly help in any way we can. 

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