Signs That Your Kitchen Cabinets Need Some Repairs

Posted on 10th March 2021

It is fair to say that the kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home and over the years, it will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Whilst many homeowners will attempt to keep their interior design looking good over the years with DIY jobs and a fresh lick of paint, it is likely that eventually, you will need some professional assistance with things like your kitchen cabinets to prevent you from needing complete replacements. 


Thankfully, when you turn to the right company, you can easily give your existing kitchen cabinets a new lease of life and save yourself thousands of pounds of a complete refurbishment, the key is to pick up on any detrimental problems as soon as possible. So, to help any homeowners who are wondering whether their kitchen cupboards need professional repairs, below we have put together a list of signs to look out for. 


Your kitchen cabinets are scuffed and scratched


Even though scuffs and scratches are normally just aesthetic problems, as you may already know, they can be difficult to paint over and in turn, they will always look a bit tatty. Simply getting any scuffs and scratches professionally removed will provide you with the smooth surface you need to repaint the exterior and have cabinets that look as good as new again. 


Your kitchen cabinets are pulling away from the wall


Some homeowners find that over time their kitchen units pull away from the wall and this is often due to incorrect installation or the weight of the items stored in them. Ignoring this can lead to the unit coming away from the wall completely whereas a quick kitchen cabinet repair can make the unit feel strong and secure, so you don’t need to worry in this regard. 


Your kitchen cabinets are bubbling and peeling 


Unfortunately, water damage isn’t uncommon in wooden kitchen cabinets and this can cause surface bubbling, swelling and peeling. Sometimes, water damage can go on to cause mould growth too, so it is important to have a professional look at this. Not only can repair services restore the look of the cabinet, but it will help to prevent additional problems as well. 


Your kitchen cabinets are stained 


Again, this is just an aesthetic problem, but it is one that people with laminated kitchen cabinets, in particular, struggle to conceal by themselves. If your kitchen cabinets are stained and you’re unable to simply paint over them, turning to repair services will help to prevent you from needing new cabinet doors, which can be incredibly expensive.

Your kitchen cabinets are difficult to open and close


You should be able to open and close your kitchen cabinets with ease and not being able to do so can be really frustrating. Whether the problem lies with the furniture handles, the cupboard hinges or even elsewhere, a professional will be able to get to the bottom of things and put them right. So, you don’t have to simply put up with kitchen cabinets that are difficult to use. 


Your kitchen cabinets are chipped or dented 


It goes without saying that it is important to keep your kitchen clean, but chipped cabinets can be the perfect place for bacteria to hide and they can make general cleaning much more difficult. Getting any dents or chips repaired will provide you with kitchen cabinets that don’t just look better, but that are also much easier to keep clean too. 


Getting kitchen cabinet repairs in Chester 


Whilst wear and tear in the kitchen is completely normal and somewhat unavoidable, keeping an eye out for the signs mentioned above can help you to prevent needing your whole kitchen replaced. Should you notice any of the signs mentioned above and you’re searching for an experienced professional who can assist you with kitchen cabinet repairs in Chester, be sure to contact us here at Alexander Christian. 


Our talented team can restore any cabinets to their former glory, no matter what signs of wear and tear you have noticed. We even aim to conduct all kitchen cabinet repairs at your home, so our services are incredibly quick and convenient. Our repairers have mastered all required techniques for repairing cabinets, so you can trust that the job will always be completed to the highest standard too. Should you have any questions at all regarding how we can assist you, please feel free to get in touch today. 

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