How Upholstery Repairs Can Give Your Furniture A New Lease Of Life

Posted on 26th February 2021

There will probably be a number of pieces of furniture in your home that feature a fabric covering, from sofas and armchairs to ottomans and dining chairs, and even if you’re incredibly careful, it is likely that after many years of use, they will start to look worse for wear. At this time, many homeowners will consider simply replacing the piece of furniture, but turning to an upholsterer is usually a much better and more affordable solution. 


In case you don’t already know, upholsterers are professionals who make, repair and replace coverings on furniture, and they are more than capable of giving your old pieces of furniture a new lease of life. If you’ve never really considered using an upholstery service before and you’re wondering how it can help, below we have looked into some of the different ways upholstery repairs can make your furniture look as good as new again. 


Repair any rips and tears


This is one of the most common reasons why people turn to upholsterers and often, what may start as a small rip or tear in your furniture can quickly become a huge problem. An experienced upholsterer will be able to repair any rips and tears for you, without having to replace fabric panels, so it doesn’t matter if your furniture has a unique fabric that isn’t available any more.


Repair damaged stitching 


The majority of fabric pieces of furniture will feature visible stitching somewhere and when this stitching gets damaged, not only will it look unappealing, but it can lead to your furniture starting to deconstruct. Simply turning to upholstery repairs and getting the stitching fixed can provide you with many more years of use and it is much more cost-effective than an entire replacement. 


Replace foam and cushioning 


In addition to repairing the fabric on a piece of furniture, professionals will also be able to assist with the foam/cushioning in a piece too. They can replace what’s there currently with something harder or softer, whichever you’d prefer, and help to make your furniture much more comfortable. This can also help to reduce common issues like cushion sagging as well. 


Replace fabric with a more suitable option 


Should you have a piece of furniture that you love but the fabric is completely impractical, then an upholsterer can help by replacing the fabric for you. With a huge selection of fabrics to choose from, they can help you find something that meets your individual needs and preferences. You really won’t have to compromise on style for functionality and practicality.


Create slipcovers for your furniture 


It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to turn to upholsterers for slipcovers too. These are essentially removable covers that can be used on a wide range of furniture and they provide increased style and versatility. You will also find that slipcovers can help to protect the original upholstery from wear and tear, preventing upholstery repairs from being needed. 


Provide additional maintenance and cleaning services


Once any upholstery repairs you require have been completed, a furniture specialist will be able to provide you with comprehensive cleaning services as well, to ensure your furniture looks as good as new again. They can also offer maintenance advice and additional ongoing services to help you keep your fabric furniture in the best condition at all times. 


Getting assistance with upholstery repairs in Wirral


All in all, there really is no denying that instead of simply replacing a piece of furniture because the upholstery is damaged, it is definitely worthwhile looking into furniture repair services in more detail. You will probably be surprised by just how much of a difference a professional upholsterer can make to your pieces. When searching for a company that can provide you with upholstery repairs in Wirral, visit the Alexander Christian website today. 


We pride ourselves on providing exemplary fabric and upholstery repairs to homeowners and we offer an impressive range of services that can be undeniably beneficial. As a reputable group of restorers, you can trust that when you turn to us, we will use special methods, materials and equipment to guarantee a better finish without ruining your much-loved furniture. If you have any questions about upholstery repairs in Wirral, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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