Why we are the Ideal Leather Repair Company

Posted on 17th February 2022

If you’re the long-term owner of a leather sofa, stool, pouffe or other piece of furniture, then you’ll probably have experienced aging and damage to your piece. When this happens, it can be incredibly tempting to just instantly discard your leather furniture unit and order a brand-new one. 


Actually though, this isn’t the right thing to do. In fact, it’s far more worthwhile to get your leather item repaired and restored by a professional. This is more cost-effective, will make your furniture look new again, boost its longevity and increase its durability. 


Should you need assistance in locating the suitable leather repair company, then look no further - Alexander Christian is the leading choice. Below, you can read our post to learn why we’re superior in this area. 


What Sets Alexander Christian Apart?


When it comes to leather furniture, these pieces are often high-value, good-quality and have sentimental value. As such, it’s crucial that you don’t just go to any old repair company to get your piece restored. At Alexander Christian, we’re a level above our competitors. Our specialists treat all leather furniture with the utmost care and respect from start to finish. All of our staff have been dealing with leather furniture for many years, and have overseen repairs on countless pieces. So, you can have absolute confidence in our experience.


Furthermore, the Alexander Christian team utilises the highest-quality, specialist materials as part of the leather repair process. We will make use of industry-leading products to repair and rectify surface damage, before precisely colour matching and recreating the leather grain and shine of the furniture. Our team always intends to deliver complete accuracy, consistency and continuity in your leather furniture. 


We can repair and cover a wide range of areas. These include cracks and scruffs, scratches, rips and holes, burn marks, pen marks, broken stitching, stains, re-colouring, cleaning and conditioning. No matter the specific issue that has arisen with your leather furniture, the craftsmen at Alexander Christian are capable of assisting you with a first-rate service. 


Why Leather Repair is an Ideal Choice


Leather repair is a practical choice to make - you should never completely give up on any leather furniture that you have. It has been proven time and time again that a specialist leather repair company such as Alexander Christian, can fix and resolve the seemingly impossible. Ultimately, leather repair will save you lots of money - it’s much cheaper to get your sofa or chair repaired than it is to buy a new one. 


Likewise, having your leather furniture repaired will also increase the overall longevity and durability of your items. It will give your pieces an increased lifespan, giving them many more years to be a cherished addition to your living environment. When you get your items repaired, it will keep them in better condition and make them more resilient in the long term. If you fail to get your leather items repaired, this could mean much more maintenance down the line. 


Looking for a Reputable Leather Repair Company?


If you are searching for a leather repair company to treat your piece of furniture, then Alexander Christian is undeniably the optimum choice around. To contact us and discuss your requirements further, give us a call today on 01352 758686. One of our team can answer your questions, give you more details about our leather repairs, and provide you with a price estimate too. 


You can also reach us by email at info@alexander-christian.co.uk and we will get back to you shortly. Head over to the Alexander Christian website today to view information about all of our services from leather repairs to upholstery repairs.

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