Why Marble Table Repairs Are Always Worthwhile

Posted on 9th July 2021

More often than not, when purchasing a new dining room or kitchen table for their home, durability will be one of the key features that homeowners look out for and something that is low maintenance is always a bonus too. For this reason, many will turn to natural stone tables, like granite, quartzite and marble, which are known for being able to withstand the wear and tear caused by daily use without needing much upkeep. 


However, it is important to remember that just because stone tables are naturally quite resistant to shocks and scratches, doesn’t mean that they’re entirely indestructible. If you have a marble table, you may find that over time it starts to look a little bit worse for wear and after experiencing a few accidents, it has some scratches, cracks or chips on it. When you notice this damage, it is always beneficial to turn to a professional for stone table repairs and here’s why; 


Restore the marble to its former glory 


Not only is marble a popular material choice for a dining table because it’s durable, but it is also beautiful and effortlessly elegant too. When you undertake marble table repairs, you can have any scuffs, scratches, chips, water stains and ring marks removed from the surface of the table, completely restoring it. No matter what unsightly signs of wear there are on your table, the surface will be brought back to its original clarity that draws people to marble in the first place.


Prevent any worry in relation to hygiene 


Similarly to a bowl or plate that has a crack or chip in it, when there are these imperfections in your table, dirt and harmful bacteria can collect in them. Unfortunately, this bacteria can contaminate any food that is left directly on the table, potentially making your family sick. If you have young children, this is particularly important as they will likely put food on the table. Thankfully, marble table repair and restoration services can remove any worry in this regard. 


Ensure the table doesn’t cause injuries 


When you have chips in the side or on the edge of your table, these can cause the table to be quite sharp in places and it can be really easy to catch yourself on these sharp areas. Again, this can be a concern for anyone who has children that use the table on a daily basis. By turning to a specialist for marble table repairs, you can ensure that your table is always safe for the whole family to use and that it won’t accidentally cause any injuries. 


Preserve the quality of the finish 


Many homeowners don’t realise that in order to keep their marble table in excellent condition, they should have it sealed every three to six months. Being diligent about doing this can help to preserve the finish and the appearance of the table, and sealing can also make the table much more resistant to harmful spills and stains. Whilst undertaking marble table repairs, your table can be sealed to ensure that it will be well protected from future general wear and tear. 


Avoid a costly replacement 


As you’re probably aware, marble tables can be quite expensive and replacing this piece of furniture is something that you will want to avoid doing. By simply having your marble table repaired, you will still be able to use it for years to come and you will be able to avoid having to spend a fortune on a replacement. When the restorative or repair work is done correctly, you may never need to purchase a new table again. 


Getting marble table repairs in Wrexham


There really is no denying that if you have noticed a few scratches, cracks or chips in your marble table, then it is definitely worthwhile looking into repairs. When you turn to an experienced furniture restorer for assistance with your table, you can trust that they will be masters in their craft too and their repair services will enable you to enjoy your fully-restored marble table for many more years.


When searching for a company that provides marble table repairs in Wrexham, be sure to get in touch with us here at Alexander Christian. We are known for being able to make the impossible possible when it comes to furniture repairs and our team has the skills and knowledge required to restore your marble table to its former glory. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers and we will always add a personal touch to every project that we undertake, ensuring our services exceed even the highest expectations. 

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